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Display only .prt in BOM

Display only .prt in BOM

Similarly to what happens in Creo, it would be good if we can create a BOM displaying only the prt files.

It happens in many cases, people want to extract a BOM from an asm which contains other sub-asm, but these sub-asm doesn't matter for the purchase order, the only things that matters are the parts.

Here's an example:

Given a sample structure:

Sem Título.png

Objective: have a list of only the .prt in the report, something like:

Sem Título.png

(note that I've erased the last asm)


  • To send the list of PRT to the purchase department, when they don't intend to buy the assemblies
    • the purchase department may not have the sensitivity to know what are these assemblies and may try to order them base on the company's reference asm code.


  • We can't filter by custom view, because if it filters the 0000000887.asm it will also filters it's children prts.
    • This happens in both Single Level and Multi Level reports.
  • Single Level with a filter to hide all *.asm:
    •     Sem Título.png
    • Sem Título.png

As you can see, the remaining prts do not appear in the report because the 0000000887.asm was filtered.


Which version of Windchill are you using?


10.2 M030

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