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Display the information considering all pages

Display the information considering all pages

The Windchill Home Page provides information about tasks assigned to users. It is known that the Tasks Table in the Home Page can display a maximum of 200 tasks per page.

If an user chooses to see his OPEN tasks in the Tasks Table, and he sorts the tasks by the assigned date (the most recent assigned dates on the top), the table displays all open tasks sorted by the assigned date .

If the same user chooses to see ALL tasks, and he has more than 200 tasks, Windchill sorts 200 tasks per page by the assigned date. However, Windchill chooses a set of 200 random tasks to sort by the assigned date in each page, not following a chronological order going from the most recent assigned tasks in the first page to the less recent tasks in the last page. That is, tasks in page one are not necessarily more recent than tasks in page two. The logical behavior shall be sorting the tasks in a way that the first page displays the most recent assigned tasks, while the last page displays the less recent assigned tasks. Currently, Windchill chooses a set of 200 tasks to be displayed in each page, and then sorts the set in each page according to the desire of the user.


1. In the OPEN tasks view, it is possible to see the open tasks sorted by assigned date and time.


2. In the ALL tasks view, still sorted by assigned date and time, task #1 and task #3 are displayed, but task #2 is not displayed, even if this task is more recent than task #3:


3. When the user decides to sort the tasks by STATE, the task #2 is still not displayed. Only the task #3 and another task less recent than the task #2 are displayed:


4. If the user clicks on NEXT, and move on to the second page, task #2 is displayed:


Conclusion: Windchill uses a different set of tasks in each page, and then sort each set of tasks according to the user desire. In addition, it is not clear how Windchill decides which task will be displayed in each page.

This problem can be solved if the maximum number of displayed tasks is increasead to a number higher than the number of all of our tasks. For example, if we have a total of 300 tasks, and the maximum number of displayed tasks per page is increased to 500, Windchill is going to display all tasks in the same page.

Example of increasing the table size to 500:

1. The total of tasks is higher than 200 and less than 500. The maximum number of tasks shown in the table is 200. The following figure shows the OPEN tasks sorted by assigned date:


2. If the user chooses to see all tasks, the first OPEN task displayed is the highlighted task in the following figure. However, this highlighted task is the fourth task in the latest figure (Item 1). That is, the three most recent open tasks should have been displayed before the highlighed task in the following image:


3. If the maximum number of tasks to be shown in the table is increased to 500, those three open tasks are displayed before the highlighted task:


Thus, if an user has more than 500 tasks, the problem will persist. In addition, increasing the number of maximum tasks per table can decrease the performance of Windchill, because it will take more time to load all tasks. Therefore, this is not a good solution. Our propose is to maintain the maximum number of 200 tasks per page (table size), and ensure that the information will be displayed in a chronological order going from the first page to the last page.


22-Sapphire I

Great, well-written, comprehensive note above.  Love to see this.  A few comments:

1. We now have ~ 800 Windchill Tasks completed / day.  We learned a trick from another admin several years ago - manipulating all Workflow Activity nodes to rename the actual Task name with the PBO in it.  This has many benefits, including the ability to sort / filter the Tasks table in many ways by object type.  May want to consider.

2. Even without above, it may be worth putting out standard Tasks table views for users.  One example: Track Tasks (e.g. from Project Document Route) are very useful but only when one wants to take action.  These can easily be filtered out with a View.


Have you tried contacting tech support? This looks like something they might file an SPR about.

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