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Don't lose check-in comments when check-in fails

Don't lose check-in comments when check-in fails

from time to time check in fails, be it due to incomplete objects, Modelcheck Gatekeeper or misc. other reasons.

Since employes are advised to enter check-in comments in order to get the information of what changed through to all the company users, they trustfully enter their comments just to see that they are lost afterwards at any check-in error. There seems no way to get that comment back. It is not in the Event manger log or somewhere else displayed...

So I can just advise them to press ctrl+a and ctrl+c before continuing check-in.

But that is not a viable solution.

It would be a big time saver and make Windchill more accepted by users if it would remember the last check-in comments.

This is widely used in source code management repository applications, so it should be quite feasible..


21-Topaz I



Yea, would that PTC found this usefull and implement in the the rest of their software locations (ECN comments, this website, etc).

I use the Copy paste method for check-in comments, when submitting on this website (along with calls), and use a separate word document for comments in ECN's (because there are more than one that need saving).  This being fixed would be AWESOME!

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