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Edit Promotion Request in 10.x

Edit Promotion Request in 10.x

Edit Promotion request to delete WTObjects (WTPart, WTDocument, EPMDocument) once Promotion request is created.

In case if if user added a WTObject to Promotion request once Promotion request is created Windchill PDMLink will not allow any role including administrators to update the promotion request to delete unwanted WTobjects which were added wrongly.

Workaround will be deleting Promotion Request which will result lost of history for other WTObjects which were included in Promotion request and another solution is updating the database which is not recommended as best practice in any PLM implementation as this is will be very frequent.

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A related question - we are preparing to implement Windchill 10.2 for CAD Data Management only - primarily Creo Parametric, a handful of AutoCAD, and several legacy data types being handled in WTDocuments. We will be using Promotion Requests and I would be interested in understanding the original logic/intent on why the Promotion Request objects can't be modified (add/remove objects). Thanks in advance if any folks from PTC or other customers can share an explanation!



because Promotion request has 2 main purposes

1-handle a validation workflow for selected business objects in the collection

2-handle a baseline of the collected business objects (specific iterations) that can be used to filter out and compare CAD structures or part BOMs

in other words (and that's why there's 2 steps in the promotion wizard)

you can collect a full strucutre in your promotion

but select only some components to be promoted (change life cycle state)

you are then able to display and compare this full structure, even if for example you only change a sub component or module of your product

Most of companies who came from ProIntralink, or only do CAD data management,  does not know that and use only the workflow feature. so do not understand why there's 2 steps in wizard. and why have to abort and re create a new promotion (to create a new baseline if objects have been modified and checkout/in).

It is a "lightweight" Chnage and configuration management

with customization, you're able to create a rework loop in the workflow , and update the promotion baseline. To avoid abort and re create a new one.

but just my thought .... Miss a powerfull feature if using Promotion to only manage process without structure configuration ...  Even if it is only to manage CAD data ....



‌The rework loop in the promotion workflow is already available out of the box. If you updated the system, you need to load the workflow manually.

the rework is only for modifying existing objects on de Promotion Request and it's not possible to remove or add some new objects!


Would be useful to Edit at least the Name of the Promotion request.


This is one of the reasons I steer clear of any workflow with the word "Promotion" in it and try to stick with the Change Management workflows. A lot of the issues discussed above are easy to cope with in Change Management but not so much in Promotion Requests.

I'd up-vote this idea, but there seems to be something screwy with the system right now. (edit to add: or something screwy with my system right now!)

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To maintain history, reject the promotion request for wrong objects included and then create a new request with the proper objects. No need to edit an existing promotion request. There are CMII reasons some of these items are 'locked' the way they are. I do realize that PDMLink is not CMII certified but it was originally built (and certified at 7.0) to CMII rules and procedures.

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That's also my opinion.

As site-admin I'm wondering how creative users can be in defining a name of a promotion request.

Looking foward for a solution.

Add "edit" to the Actions menu for a Promotion Request

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