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Email all users in a WC group or a WC Organization?

Email all users in a WC group or a WC Organization?

Greetings. We would like to email all users in a WC group, organization, or site from within WC PDMLink. This would be great for announcing that the system is going down for a CPS application, or any kind of outage, performance degradation, or context-specific information relevant to a certain group. WC already has full email capabilities for subscriptions, emailing documents, report monitors, etc., but doesn't have the (simple) capability described above. Without it, I have to scrape all email from the particular context using a WC report and then use Outlook (or similar) to send it. Please help. The infrastructure and forms are already in WC. It just needs extended for this general use case.
23-Emerald IV

So... I'm sort of new to Windchill administration myself... so I may TOTALLY be missing something here...but are you using shared groups / teams?


If not, what you can do is add your site or organization to your shared team. From there, you should be able to individual groups, or even send something to the whole set. Depends on how you have your roles/members set up.


You can get there by going to "Organizations->Teams".


Note how I have two individual users added in the window on the left, plus I've added my entire org "CadActive", so that when I email group, it adds all users in the "CadActive" org to the email list. You should also be able to add "Groups" or "Orgs"... but I'm not too sure about "Site".



Similarly... for a particular Product or Library, you can select "Team". On the next page, there should a similar "Actions->E-mail Team" button. Untitled.png

Hopefully this helps? and hopefully I'm not missing something completely  🙂

James Sullivan

CadActive Technologies


Community Manager
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