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Enable Uninstalling/Disabling Windchill Modules

Enable Uninstalling/Disabling Windchill Modules

A company should be able to make the decision to stop using a module within Windchill and remove it from the system, or at least disable it.

Right now there are ways to work around the problems but all aren't very well supported or recommended by PTC. They are given as "This is not guaranteed to work."

Though with persistent licensing it may not be an issue with upgrades it still feels as though you are locked into to never being able to get rid of any modules once they are installed.

I understand many modules are interlaced through several tables, and you don't always want those objects to go away, but there should be a consistent way to prevent future use of the module.



This first came up to us when we were given a trial license and installed a module on our development system. The trial expired and we went to update Windchill as a whole and there was no way to update without an updated version of that module. PTC support gave us a way to work around it, and since it was development we could refresh the whole system, but it got me to wonder what happens if you stop maintenance on a module? Is this an ever-growing giant of a system that you're stuck paying for year after year.

It gives us great hesitation to acquiring other "nice to have" modules, that we may decide later on isn't worth funding.

23-Emerald IV

We're in this exact same boat.  We used to have one "everything but the kitchen sink" Pro/e license.  When we migrated from Intralink to Windchill, the VAR installed ProjectLink since this "everything" license was entitled to use it.  Since then we've dropped this old (and vey expensive) Pro/e license, but doing so forced us to purchase a stand-alone seat of ProjectLink instead (and pay maintenance on it forever), since there is no way to uninstall this add-on.  I went round and round with tech support during our upgrade from 9.1 to 10.2 and I was only given two options - 1.) buy one license of ProjectLink or 2.) Do a clean install of Windchill and manually reimport everything!!!

21-Topaz I

That seems pretty ridiculous to have to go through that.

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