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Enable object update for multiple workspaces

Enable object update for multiple workspaces

1. Describe your environment: What is your industry? What is your role in your organization? Describe your stakeholders.
OEM car manufacturer with >500 CAD and approx. 2000 Windchill seats. I´m responsible for creo methodics (formerly also for Windchill support&methodics)

2. What version of Windchill are you currently running? with creo 7.0.5. and CATIA V5-6 R30

3. Describe the problem you are trying to solve. Please include detailed documentation such as screenshots, images or video.

Most of our users run several workspaces (WS) with partly huge amounts of data (e.g. one WS for one carbody with different engine/transmission assemblies: Thousands of CAD-models). In addition to that, they also have WSs for single / few components´ design.
As we use these WSs for weeks, it is a daily work to update components that got out of date since first download.

With bigger WSs, time consumption for WS-actions grows. (e.g. swithing between WSs, filter, sort, etc. and Update..).


It would be a great benefit to have a "Mass- update"- functionality to update all objects throughout selected WSs. Users could initialize it e.g. before lunch or after a longer holiday.



Please, refer to following idea, as it describes a similar scenario but in opposite direction.

4. What is the use case for your organization?
Select several WSs at Windchill-homepage in a linked CAD-session


Result: All CAD-objects and parts will be updated (regarding to unified settings: e.g. out of date -> latest; local modified -> latest,...)
the opportunity to use this function should be configurable by admin.

Of course, any failure should result in comprehensive failure messeges.

5. What business value would your suggestion represent for your organization?
It would save a lot of time.

Plus: We´d gain a better data quality, as WSs would be updated rather than avoid this because of waiting.

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Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you @rklesch for your idea. Based on the information you provided, we are acknowledging it as the Community management team. This is not a commitment from the Product team. Other users may comment and vote your idea up.