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Enhance Check In Comment Visibility

Enhance Check In Comment Visibility


In the folder content view in Windchill, columns can be added for a custom view.  One of these columns is called "Comments".  However adding this column to the folder content view does NOT display check in comments.  It evidently displays comments only for a single object type.

Enhancement Idea:

Change the functionality of Windchill comments so that the comment field will display check in comments and other comments related to the object that is being displayed in the table.

We are training our users to add descriptions and comments whenever possible as a communication aid to their team members to enhance understanding of why an object was iterated and descriptions and comments really help.

Refer to Technical Support Case C12159738 and C12179294 for more information.



This column is on by default in the History table. Seems odd that it does not work in the Folder browser when it works in the History table.




To clarify, your proposal is to display a column that contains the Check-In Comments of the version displayed, correct?

For example, in your screenshot, WTDocument with Number 0000295124 is version A.4 perhaps.  So you suggest to show the check-in comments for version A.4, not all check-in comments for all versions, correct?

Also, I see this as a sepearate column (called "Check-In Comments") instead of changing how the existing column works.

Incidentally, I was in fact able to get this work.  It is not the most elegant because the table column header is called "iterationNote" not "Check-In Comments".  But the functionality is there.  Perhaps it will give others some ideas.

  1. I exported the table view from the Folders page.
  2. I exported the table view from the Version History table.
  3. I see from the Version History table that the column is called iterationNote.
  4. Add the iterationNote section to the exported table view from the Folders page.
  5. Reload the table view using the LoadFromFile interface (windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile -d <path to XML file/tableView.xml> -u wcadmin -p <password> -CONT_PATH wt.inf.container.OrgContainer=<org name>










Note I haven't done much testing.  It is quite possible that if the table view is modified through the UI after it is imported, the iterationNote column might be dropped, since it is not supported through the UI.




You are correct in assuming that the proposal would be to display just the comments for the displayed version and not all comments.

However, I disagree with this being a separate column.  Comments are comments, display them all in one place.  As a user of Windchill, I would hate to have more than one column displaying the same type of information.  Way Too Confusing.




I guess the only reason I propose mutliple columns is because there are multiple sources of the comments.

  • Check-In comments that display for each iteration (what Scott referred to).
  • The comments column in your screenshot.  Note: I do not see that as an available column in my system on either Product or Project folder view.  Perhaps it is an IBA defined on one of the object types you choose to include in the view?
  • The Affected Object comments for a version of an object that is in the Affected Objects table of an Implementation Plan.
  • The Resulting Object comments for a version of an object that is in the Resulting Objects table of an Implementation Plan.
  • More?

So I think that is why I would prefer to see multiple columns instead of one column that contains a concantenation of comments from all sources.

Also, please note that I have pursued customization help from PTC regarding this, because I know that my proposed method is not the right way to go about it.

But the point of this Idea is to include Comments as an available data type in a folder view, as part of standard functionality.  I support that either way - either separated or concantenated into one.



Ultimately we are in agreement.  Regardless of the details of the implementation of this enhancement, the important thing is that it implemented.


21-Topaz I

I agree another column could be added for the separate Comments column.  Which means technically I don't agree with the idea to CHANGE the existing functionality.  How would someone know if the comments were for the checkin or other?

Besides that, what difference does it make if you have one column that is say 40 characters wide or two columns that are 20 characters wide each?

So if I vote strickly on the idea I will vote No.

Status changed to: Archived

Although I see this as archived, I would like to bring this one up. Although I would not support having all comments type in a single column, I definitely support having check in comments in its own column that could be added to table views, even in the Workspace. As comments can be lengthy, I suggest to only display the first 30 characters or so as a link so users can click on it to display the full comment if needed, similar to what we have in the Event Manager when looking at error details.



Hello All.

I am not saying that this enhancement should not be added; but I wanted to make sure that you knew this workaround method that is easier to maintain than Ben Perry's post; use a Calculated soft-type Attribute.



1. Edit the soft types you want to show this information (e.g. CAD Document, Part, Document)

2. Create a new soft-type attribute (e.g. CHECKIN_COMMENT)

  • Type: Calculated
  • Data Type: String
  • Formula: iterationInfo.note

3. Then you can add it to table views

  • * Note: Calculated Attributes are not supported in Workspace UI.

Here are some pictures:

Table View with CHECKIN_COMMENT:


** Note: Full note is available in hover over help text:





Table View with CHECKIN_COMMENT and wrapped text:

  1. Use the column header menu “Wrap Text”  CHECKIN_COMMENT_WRAP.png
  2. Changes the appearance if you want to see the full text:





Status changed to: Acknowledged
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Status changed to: Archived


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