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Enhance display and usability of attributes with Unit

Enhance display and usability of attributes with Unit

Our business exemple:

In MPMLink , Time attributes are by default in second.  We overload it in Hour cause most of our times in process plan are in hour.   (so the IBA is persisted in database in second, but displayed in hour) OK

MPM_time overload in hour.jpg

When filling these attributes , even if the display is now in hour, we can set values like

2 h

33 min

600 s

But the problems are:

  1. we can't set values like 2h30min ... the user need to convert from "time unit" to decimal time value.   like 2.5 h  easy in this case ... tricky for 2h 33 min 47 s
  2. once persisted in Windchill , the display is diplayed in decimal format (in our case in hours):   so for example a user  fill 100s   ... it will display 2.7777777777778E-2 hour  ... unusable !

MPM_time  in hour.jpg

So Need to be able to configure how the attribute is displayed or field, whatever is the Unit defined for database persistance. by configuring  patterns for "complex" unit like Time

like :  HH_mm_ss

For example , may be in the System of mesure UI ? or in the layouts in type manager.

MPM_time pattern.jpg

may be able to configure more than one patterns.  to display the best comprehensive way to the User.  for example:    0.000001 m to 1 µm

these paterns should be used in any Windchill UI.   Notably Advanced Search or classification search

As the user would be able to search by writting its value in any format, independently of how it is stored in the Windchill database

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi PTC, here is some work to do around the units of measure. I learned today that 

you shall not change the unit of a Part which has CAD associated.

Windchill only supports "each" as a unit for Part & CAD BOM.

Other units of measure (liters, millimeters, as needed...) should be used for non-geometrical Parts