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Error message - When assigned task is completed by another user

Error message - When assigned task is completed by another user

When a workflow task is assigned to multiple users, notification will be sent to all the users. If any one of the user completes the task, the Workflow will move forward. Now, if any other user clicks on the task notification to complete the same task, it redirects to an error page with no appropriate information.

Below is the error message.


The above error message is not accurate and it doesn't give the details of the task, instead "You have no access". Is there a better way where we can get a clear error message stating the task has been completed.


I strongly agree with improvement to this situation.

Here is an article explaining something similar.  CS208363.  I'm not sure about the exact use case in the article.  I'm thinking 2 users have task open on their screen, and then user1 clicks on Complete Task button.  Now the task is completed.  And then when user2 attempts the Complete Task button, because they still have it open in their browser from previously, then they get the "concurrently updated" error message.

So since they have fixed that similar situation in a patch (10.2 M030 CPS09), then it is not far-fetched to wish for better error handling of URLs that are clicked on for dead (old) workflow tasks that have already been completed by other people.

I even experienced it just this week.  The user was quite confused why they couldn't access their task.  Then I had to spend time to look at the workflow history of the PBO that generated the user's task, and see that the task was already completed by someone else.  That all takes unnecessary time that could be better handled by improved error handling for already-completed workflow tasks.


The Task disappears from the User's My Tasks Table on the Home Page, but if they use the links in the email notifications they will run into this.  I would assert this is not actually error handling, but handling of normal and reasonably anticipated workflow events.

Improvement is vital to the user experience and perception of application quality.


Yeah, this has been irritating my users as well. I constantly have to remind them to go via the Home Tasks page to really see what they currently have and not the emails. It would help to give better info on those warning popups.

Side note, hi Keir .


Yes I agree, this has come up many times and we need a more concise message to help the users.

Users shouldn’t need to drill into Windchill to understand that a task has been accepted/completed.


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