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Export/Import Type and Attributes

Export/Import Type and Attributes


The Export/Import of Type and Attribute is a good functionality in Windchil.

From Windchill 10.1  M010 they have still improved this functionalitty like we can Export your Global attributes, Global Enumerations along with Soft types.

But the drawback it has got is like we will be able to have the Imported Softypes  (Owning Organization as "Site") only,  It's not possible to Import the same as (Owning Organization as "Your Organization" name) .

If PTC enhances the current functionality to allow users to set their "Organization name"  as well through loadfromfile that would be great.


That again make sense, because for example  say a company is there, and they have 2 different Organizations and dont want to have the data's shared between 2 Organizations. So it's better if we have something, that if we have an option to load at "Org Level" too.

Your valuable comments/feedbacks are acceptable..

Thanks & Regards,



You should be able to use the Import/Export functionality of Type and Attribute to import soft types of other organizations than "Site". If you experience an issue of doing that, please file a case with Technical Support so PTC can help address the issue for you.




Yes you are able to import/export at org level

But we have an issue in certain case on a migrated Server. A call is opened at TS.

In the xml files, sometime there is no "Org" tag. Even if the type is created at org level ...


Ojala lo hicieran sin errores, porqué la versión actual tiene muchisimos errores y esperar un año a que arreglen todos sus errores es más que mucho tiempo.

Hopefully so without errores, because the current versión has a many mistakes and wait for a year to fix all the errores is too long time


Hi Yuxia,

Thanks for your reply...

I have already raised a call with PTC TS and checked the same.

It seems it's a functionality of Windchill to load (Import) Type and Attribute as "Owning organization- Site".

It's not possible to load Type and Attributes as "Owning organization- In org name"

Case details FYI :

Thanks & Regards,



Hi Gregory,

Thanks for your reply..

In our case we were not able to import as "Owning organization- In org name" .Only  Importing Type and Attribute as "Owning organization- Site" is possible through LoadFromFile. A case has already been opened with PTC (call details -

SPR has also been raised for this case - SPR no - 2160515

It would be great if you could share if you know any alternate method to achieve that.



Thanks & Regards,




I'm not able to see your case

but try to add in you xml the csvcontainerDomain tag.  Cause in some case, when exported , it is missing and then when you re load, it is created at site level.



csvBeginTypeDefView handler="com.ptc.core.lwc.server.TypeDefinitionLoader.beginProcessTypeDefinition"











I tried to import a global enumeration into 10.1 M010 and was not able to do it.  How is this possible? 


Hi Patrick,

It's just a work around, you can follow the follow the steps I have shown below:

Step 1:

Please take a prior (db and ldap backup's) before you proceed with this testing

Step 2:

XML tag used to Export (Place it in D:\TypeandAttribute\WTPart.xml)

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE NmLoader SYSTEM "standardX20.dtd">


<csvExportDefinition handler="com.ptc.core.lwc.server.TypeDefinitionExporter.beginExportDefinition">

<csvtoLocation> D:\TypeandAttribute\Exported\WTPart</csvtoLocation>





<csvExportAncestorTypes>true</csvExportAncestorTypes><!-- this is optional -->



Step 3:

Run the below command in Windchill shell and try to Export the Whole WTPart list

windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile -d WTPart.xml -u wcadmin -p xxxxx

Step 4:

You will find the Exported list in WTPart folder ( D:\TypeandAttribute\Exported\WTPart)

you will find files

- WTPart_0.xml (Will have information regarding Measurements)

- WTPart_1.xml (Will have information regarding Global Attributes)

- WTPart_2.xml (Will have information regarding Global Enumeration)

- WTPart_3.xml (Will have information regarding Soft Types)

Step 5:

As per your scenario, I am not sure whether you will be able to import "Global attributes"

you can just give out a try by running only

windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile -d WTPart2.xml -u wcadmin -p xxxxx (I am not sure whether this can succeed).

Normal procedure for loading is: (Is to execute all commands below in order)

windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile -d WTPart0.xml -u wcadmin -p xxxxx

windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile -d WTPart1.xml -u wcadmin -p xxxxx

windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile -d WTPart2.xml -u wcadmin -p xxxxx

windchill wt.load.LoadFromFile -d WTPart3.xml -u wcadmin -p xxxxx



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