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Fix Major Gaps in Drag and Drop Document Creation

Fix Major Gaps in Drag and Drop Document Creation

Please fix the major gaps in drag and drop Windchill Document creation:

  • Unable to select any Document sub type
  • Required Attributes for Document Type are ignored

See video below for explanation.


The video was of Windchill 11.0 M030 but this also applies to 10.2 M030 and 11.1 M020 according to CS213307. This was first reported in July 2015 (4 years and counting!) but PTC pulled their typical "works to specification" shenanigans.


I vote your idea on trust because the video is not yet visible, as it is waiting for approval.



@Marco_Tosin The video is there now.


Thank you for presenting the problem so cleanly. The implementation of this very promising and long asked for drag and drop feature is horrifying.


This is a fix we have been wanting for years.  Hope to see one soon!


I am surprised to see this does not have more votes. I am also surprised to see that PTC has not moved forward with drag-n-drop. The current state was phase one and the two methods you showed were a compromise to get the capability implemented. There is a preference for the default type of document to create, but that's a tedious work around to the inability to choose the document type on the drop action. 

Sad to admit, I leave the site preference for default document at Document, which is not available to users. If someone does try drag-n-drop, they'll get an error message they do not have permission to create a Document. Its disappointing to keep drag-n-drop disabled like this, but w/o a way to enter required attributes or choose a type, this feature is not ready for prime time.


I second this request.  Looking forward to a fix.  Thanks!


Even in 12.0.1 it is still not fixed.

5-Regular Member

Good idea, it would really be nice if the document type could be chosen when creating documents via drag and drop.


It would also be great, if users could specify the default document they want to see in the drop down list. Right now, this can only be set on a site or org level preference, but not on a per-user basis.

21-Topaz I

Hi All,


From my point of view this is a bug and the bug should be fixed. 

@ScottMorris I agree that I would also expect more votes.

I have experience if you need more votes you need to create a campaign to support more votes.   




I agree with @HelesicPetr that this is a bug and ought to be treated as such by PTC. 


This isn't only a great idea but a necessary fix. 


This is a fix we have been wanting for years.  Hope to see it fixed soon!


I have been told by PTC Helpdesk that the only fix they are planning on, is the ability to disable the creation of documents through drag and drop into the browser in Windchill 12.2. Does not look like a very helpfull solution.


I guess we need to keep pushing at PTC to enable this functionality when dragging documents directly into the browser.


Note: In our environment the top-level WTDocument is not-instantiable. But still users can create top-level WTDocuments using drag and drop into the browser.