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Guest role should have Add to Workspace action available

Guest role should have Add to Workspace action available

Even when we allow both Read and Download in an access rule, the Action "Add to Workspace" does not appear.  PTC says this is by design.  Would be nice to configure the Guest role to allow Add to Workspace.


it should be not only "add to workspace" it should be "save as" as well.

since the idea of that role is to use it as a consumer of some data. in other UIs it is benefitial to differentiate between active member and guest


The Guest role is very restrictivve by default. If they cannot check in new content, is there a value to providing them access to Add to Workspace? The action is there, but they cannot create a Workspace in a container they only have Guest access to. Wouldn't it be easier to create a new role in the Team providing the desired access?

I understand there is value in accessing the CAD model, but without Workspace access in the container, there's not much they can do from Windchill or Creo.


There is value since these people are team members in another product and have a workspace there.

They want to search and reuse content from libraries and products where they are only guest. Today there is no way to directly save this data to your own workspace or just adding it to assemble it.

Just by search you can add this from the search result but not with RMB


We have this come up about once a month.

You can search and use the add to workspace icon above search, but you can't do an add to workspace via the actions menu on the actual model/part thanks to the way Guest is setup. If you go into "Configure Actions for Roles" you can see the checkbox is not available.

So does everyone that has a common library, just add everyone as members and deny modify access? Or does everyone just live with this work around?

To me, add to workspace and download should go hand in hand. You just wouldn't be able to create a workspace in that context.


I think everybody is living with this workaround and configures the team member roles instead. This makes the guest feature often useless and not used at all. Even worth it increases the implementation effort sometimes significantly. While not being a serious issue for existing customers this is an issue for our new Cloud based offerings where fast value ootb is key!

it does not take much to make this complete and useful

Sapphire I

The Guest account must remain very restrictive in only allowing someone to view documents in Windchill.

We put Guest access to our parts library. The users who have workspaces can download items and they become read-only, works as per design.

If someone has no rights to create a workspace, they don't need to download content.

Emerald I

Ben Loosli‌, users who only have guest access are not allowed to create a workspace - anywhere.  This means they are not allowed to fire up Creo and open anything, since they can't even create a workspace to add those objects to.  Without modifying the OOTB access rules, there is no way for a guest to open a native CAD file.


I agree that a guest should have only read access to the data BUT do you have just one context?

In my opinion it is more common that you are member of multiple contexts.

One active where you have write permission

One product where you reuse content but not participate

And one library for the standards, commercials etc

You can not use guest in a library because it gets cumbersome to add the screw to your assembly in your active context.

Or you can not do the save as from a part into your context. This is the usecase and the issue

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