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Having a single "Material" Business Object in Windchill

Having a single "Material" Business Object in Windchill

For being able to manage material in an homogeneous way in all modules of Windchill:

- Soft typable, Versionnable, Searchable, Lifecycle manageable to able to manage it as any other Windchill obejct.

- Should be able to Structure Material object to be able to represent Alloys or composite.

- being able to define mechanical , chemical and others characteristics

- Usable in Workgroupmanagers for storing CAD material files and search in in Libraries (more than one library.  not only one path like in

- usable to affect material to WTPart

- usable in Reporting with Bill of material and other Windchill modules (cost, mass, material repartition, ROHS, REACH, etc ...)

-searcheable to able to search WTart or CADDocument using this material

-material should be searchable also in Classification search (Material have to be classifiable himself.  to be able to create a "Material Library" with classified objects)

-able to see reference link to a material from a CAD or WTPart


Hi Philippe

Today we only really manage "mass"

In our 1 to many approcah, we publish the volume from CAD to Wtpart.

On the Material business object that we have created (a subtype of EPMDoc to be able to store the creo MTL file) , we persist also attributes like Volumic mass , Young modulus , etc ....

once the Material object is assigned to the Wtpart,  a checkin listener calculate the mass by getting the volume on the WTpart , and the Volumic mass on the linked material .

if other more "complicated" simulations are needed ... the "owner" Design model can be inherit and then specifically used to assign a real Creo material.

I will see for april.  Check with some colleagues who can be interested by the meeting.



Status changed to: Under Consideration

Add new requirements:


CAD to WTPart Mapping

-Should allow to mapp MTL Creo file to WTpart Material

-Should support future multibody / multi material feature


WTpart association to material:

-Should support multibody / multi material for a single WTPart .  Add a info for each material, like a kind of ref designator or zoning or topology reference attribute


Add new requirement to this idea:


CAD 2 WTPart mapping:

-Able to mapp choosen MTL in CAD to Material information into the WTPart

-Should support future multibody / multi material features


On WTPart side, for same reasons:

-ability to define for each material a zoning attribute , or a kind of reference designator / topology attribute

-ability to specifiy if the material is the "main" material, or a coating , etc ...


Dear all,


was there made any progress on this topic by now? Anything upcoming regarding this topic for Windchill 12+ release?


Any update on this? This is very relevant and absolute needed functionality. PTC has the capability with Flex Material management module


I'm also wondering if this feature is coming soon. This idea is over 8 years old...

@PTCModerator  This is the idea with the third most votes. Could you please check if PTC is working on this topic? Is there any roadmap information?

Any information is very welcome. Thanks!

Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

Thank you for the idea, the comments and votes. Your idea is interesting and we could see the benefit. However, given the team’s strategic priorities, we are unlikely to prioritize the implementation in the next development cycles. Should this change, we will bring this idea back.


as a home-grown solution you can create your own material parts (subtype) in Windchill and use Configurable Links to associate them with CAD parts. its more of manual process to implement, but you can get a quick list of parts using a given material or vice-versa and its completely configurable to track the information that's important for you.