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Hours specific Windchill Calendar task delegation ,useful for companies running Shifts / having multi site operations on different time zone

Hours specific Windchill Calendar task delegation ,useful for companies running Shifts / having multi site operations on different time zone

Currently the Windchill Calendar "Delegate Tasks" option provides ability to delegate tasks for specific or multiple days you specify. When we are running multiple shifts for each day , and we want to delegate tasks between person from different shifts  we would need the Windchill Calendar task Delegations for specific hours of a day as well.

In fact we run shifts in our team and I'm in need of a ECN task delegation mechanism between shifts to designated Approvers based on their shift timing.

For example

Shift 1  - 6.00 AM ~ 2.00 PM - ECN Approver "X"

Shift 2  - 2.00 PM ~ 10.00 PM - ECN Approver "Y"

So ideally what we need is ..... at end of the 1st shift all the tasks currently assigned to  ECN Approver "X" are to be automatically delegated to the 2nd shift's ECN Approver "Y" and at the end of 2nd Shift at 10 PM of the day the tasks are to be delegated back to the 1st shift's ECN Approver "X".

I'm pretty sure there are many companies running Shifts  / having multi site operations in different time zone , already in need of such feature in Windchill.

So please review and vote if you see this Product Idea make sense.


Sundar Karmegam

Manitowoc Cranes.


Absolutetly!  Thank you for creating this idea.  (And don't forget to vote up your own idea.)

Another use case here:

I tell users to wait until their last day before vacation.  And then make the delegation right before they leave so that it takes effect for the rest of the day.

If this idea is implemented, then they can make the delegation anytime.  Instead of waiting until 5:00 pm Friday to make the delegation for Friday through the following week, they can set up the delegation earlier in the week, when they are setting their Outlook OOTO auto-response.  They can schedule their Windchill delegation to start at 5:00 pm Friday or whenever.


Thanks for the comments Ben, I agree with your thoughts as well.

21-Topaz I

I don't need the shift feature but would like to have the ability to set a start time.


Additional to the detailed start time I would like to choose the delegate context based, as there can be differend substitutes.


Hello everyone.

This is a excellent suggestion for improvement. Windchill lack ability for task management in a global environment (different time zones).

PTC could extend this to what is required to manage humain resources in such environment (different bank holidays, different working hours and of course different time zone). This is also link to resource time allocation in Project link.  What does it mean when I set 50% allocation to a resource........

I obviously hope PTC will consider this idea and actually extend it to all proper global management of resources everywhere within Windchill (Workflow and Projectlink)


I wanted to add a note here about a little testing I did last week on 10.2 M030.  It appears that Windchill does indeed take into account a user's time zone preference setting.  Our Windchill system is installed on a server set to Chicago time zone.  I had a user (who's Windchill preference is set to GMT time zone) delegate their tasks for a particular day.  After 11:59 PM GMT on that day, tasks ceased to delegate even though it was still prior to 11:59 PM GMT on the delegation day for the target user, and also for the server time zone.

But still, that doesn't help.  That is just for a better understanding of how/when the delegations end.  We would still like control delegations to the hour or minute, not simply to the day.


It has been almost 5 months since the last activity on this product idea.  Are there any other companies out there that would like to have an option to choose the hour of the day a Windchill task delegation starts?  Two use cases thus far:

  1. Companies with shifts.  For example, I'm on vacation this week.  I am going to delegate my tasks to user1 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM this week, and user2 from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM midnight or something.
  2. Create the delegation ahead of time.  For example, I know I will be on vacation next week.  Today is Wednesday.  But today I can create the delegation starting at 3:00 PM Friday (not 12:00 AM Friday or 12:00 AM Saturday), and continue through next week.
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