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IEC62380 Failure mode distributions

IEC62380 Failure mode distributions


It is very important issue for us.

Windchill Quality Solutions has IEC62380 model.

However , It doesn't have IEC62380 mode library.and failure mode distributions.

For example you select category (Diodes and Thyristors, Transistors, Optocouplers) and subcategory (Power Diodes, Thyristors and Triacs) at IEC62380.

Then you can calculate failure rate .

However, There are three failure distributions for three different devices such as Zener , Thyristors and Others.

Please see the attached file.

IEC62380 failure mode.gif

Windchill Quality Solutions has only one failure distribution at one category and subcategory.

So , I think you can add three new subcategories .

Then you can add failure mode distribution for three devices on FMEA mode library as IEC62380 mode library.


We hope that you can add this feature as soon as possible.

So that we can sell more license in JAPAN and in the world.

Thank you


Yoshitaka Hara
TechSupport Management Inc.
Keihin Building 2F 1-1 Minami Watarida
Kawasaki-ku Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa
210-0855 JAPAN
Phone: 81-44-328-7375 FAX: 81-44-328-7376


This feature has been added in WQS 10.2.

Status changed to: Archived