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Improve the principal needs repair email

Improve the principal needs repair email

Windchill notifies administrators that a principal needs repair by sending an email identifying the user who needs repair. However, the email does not indicate which installation has the issue. For example, most installations have a development, test and production instance. Which one has the problem? I currently need to go to all three sites to identify which installation has a problem. It would be better if the installation is identified. It would be much better if a link is included in the email, that I could click on and I would be taken to the user maintenance page for the user with a problem.


You can look in the email headers for the "Received:" headers and determine which server it comes from.


I like the idea of having a URL in the email which takes you to the email page.

To distinguish the emails coming from different servers, you can set the from email address at both and JMX. This works only if your exchange servers is set to allow emails from different email ids other than the one which is used to authenticate against.

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You could also update the Emails Subject to say which environment (DEV, TEST etc) generated the email. For that you can update the IE Task file - <WT_HOME>\tasks\wt\mail\SendMail.xml


<ie:param name="SUBJECT" data="${@FORM[0]SUBJECT[0]}"/>


<ie:param name="SUBJECT" data="ENV NAME - ${@FORM[0]SUBJECT[0]}"/>


Note : The above change will be reflected on all/any email sent by the server and not just for user needs repair emails

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