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Improvements of Partslinks Classifying/Node Management

Improvements of Partslinks Classifying/Node Management


Make it possible to move a class with classified objects to a different place/node. The objects should remain as they are (the attributes and layout should stay the same), just that they are connected to a different node.


Improve copy function of nodes; the node attributes, attribute constraints and attribute layout should be copied as well.


Template creation, for node attributes, constraints and layout should also be available.

Mass changes:

Mass change of attributes and classification attributes, Ideal would be if it was possible to export to excel, make the change there and then import the changes to PDMLink.


Search function:  

Be able to locate where certain attributes are used (in which nodes).



The classification “Schematic” should be possible to shown on each object (wt-part) details page, next to the classification data.

Ability to change the node layout window.

Make it possible to change picture size of class pictures.




Mass Change of Classification Attribute Values (as well as modeled and soft attributes) has been supported since 8.0 M050.  In 10.2 F000 we enhanced it with the ability for admins to update Checked Out data in place.  So that if you are updating 5000 capacitors and 30 are checked out you can still update the checked out data.


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