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Inability to edit the PDMLink system attribute "Description", or enter a new value upon object creation

Inability to edit the PDMLink system attribute "Description", or enter a new value upon object creation

In PDMLink, the system attribute "Description" is not editable after object is created. "Description" is only enterable during creation of a CAD Part in workspace. PDMLink should be fixed to allow editing of "Description".  The only opportunity to enter a Description is when using "New CAD Document" within the workspace. And this is only for creating CAD Parts. 

How & what occurs -

When the Edit Attributes command is used in workspace, the attribute "Description" is not available to change (it is grayed-out). When using "New CAD Document" to create a new CAD Part, the attribute "Description" is available for entry at that time. But this is the only time "Description" can be entered. After the CAD Part is already created, the "Description" can no longer be changed.

If a CAD Part created within Pro/E, there is no "Description" available during creation. A "Description" parameter can be defined during Pro/E session and made "Designated".  But after the CAD Part is saved, the workspace does not show or recognize the "Description" value entered.

Also, "New CAD Document" is only for creating new CAD Parts, not for any other Doc Category (assembly, drawing, etc.). So creating new assemblies or drawings can only occur within Pro/E. And again, the "Description" parameter can be defined within Pro/E session for these objects, but it is not recognized by the PDMLink "Description" attribute.

Aside from the object identifier type attributes (name, version, revision), IMO the most valuable and most used attribute in any PDM system is the description attribute.  The primary identifier (which must be unique throughout the system) is usually the name attribute.  Most companies identify their items by part number.  So the name field in most systems is populated by the part number, the unique identifier. And to go along with the part number, a description attribute is necessary to describe what the object is.

The "Description" attribute is used in PDM, PLM, ERP, MRP, and almost any object data management system.  And it is editable in all these type systems.  Sometimes editable only by specific users or at specific intervals (revisions), but it is editable nonetheless.  Therefore, the "Description" attribute in PDMLink should be editable or modifiable, just as it is in other systems.  "Description" was editable in Pro/INTRALINK.  And it is editable in ERP systems with which PDMLink interfaces.  So there is no reason that "Description" should be kept uneditable in PDMLink.  At any time during the lifecycle of a PDM object, there are reasons to change its "Description". 

Please open up PDMLink "Description" to allow users to edit this attribute.  This should be editable during the Edit Attributes command.  So the PDMLink "Description" should be editable at any time that the user has the permissions to edit any other attributes. 

Reference Articles CS38229 and CS69856. 

22-Sapphire I

I documented this in some screen captures - attached.  It's specific to Edwards Lifesciences in that an additional attribute DESCRIPTION was created and has been used. Description attribute

23-Emerald IV

It is odd.  I just tried adding it to both the 'edit attributes' table display and the 'rename' table display.  Still read only in both.  I also took a quick look at the database and "Description" is indeed a column of the EPMDocument table, meaning it is version specific.  Seems like two things need to happen:

  1. The Windchill core team needs to allow it to be modified via edit attributes
  2. The Workgroup Manager team needs to create a default association between the Windchill "Description" attribute and a corresponding "DESCRIPTION" parameter in Creo.  (Of course I don't have much hope since "Number" still isn't passed to Creo...)
Status changed to: Acknowledged

This is must to have "description" field editable as "Name" has constraints of character limit. 


It's imperative to be able to modify the description, especially if there has been an error, otherwise we keep it for the entire life of the document. In certain cases the creation of a new document is impossible, the change of Number isn't accepted and isn't acceptable.
The most surprising, it seems to concern only CAD Document. Description on a Describe Document can be edited. Search the mistake...