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Individual calculation runs

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Individual calculation runs

Starting a project, the following steps will be done most likely in every project:

  • Name and enter a project
  • Name and enter the first system (e.g. power supply)
  • Enter the parts in that system
  • Maybe a subassembly is named and entered (e.g. high voltage generation)
  • The subassembly is filled with parts
  • Maybe a second subassembly is named and entered (e.g. feedback loop)
  • The second subassembly is filled with parts
  • And so on…
  • Once the system, the entire power supply, is put in Windchill, a first calculation is run.
  • If the results are acceptable the second system can be entered (repeating the steps explained above)
  • As the project grows and many more systems, subassemblies and parts are entered the computer will need more and more time for a calculation run…
  • Since the first system has been calculated and corrected, in case of any short coming,  there is no need to repeatedly recalculate that part. That part of the system is ok and can be frozen.
  • So in other words, it would be very convenient to just calculate the second system by itself (inhibit the first system) and once the results are ok, call the second system ok and start working on the third system
  • And so on...
  • And once all the systems are entered the final calculation of the entire project can start, by turning off all the inhibits and start the calculation.

Regards andy

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