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Lifecycle Switching and Version Switching

Lifecycle Switching and Version Switching

Need the ability to Revise an object from Numeric to Alpha based on the Target End State identified within a Change.

Boston Scientific uses Numeric Revisions for Concept, Concept Build, PreReleased and PreProduction end states.  We use Alpha Revisions for Released and Production end states.  Upon going through the review process, the approvers need to see the correct revision level on the objects for approval.  These objects will all be at a Review state to lock editing during the review.  The Revision level will need to be correct based on the Target End State.

22-Sapphire I

Confused from reading this... Alcon also uses very similar.  A diagram from you may be very helpful.

23-Emerald II

Let me see if I understand it.

You have a document in Prototype state at Revision 3.

A CR is written to release this part into a Production state at Revision A.

Do you want:

a) a table in the CR showing the object's next state and Revision level?

b) the Revise command to automatically pickup the Revision A for that part when the Change Task is initiated?

c) both

d) I didn't understand it

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