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MPMlink new view version from non latest upstream

MPMlink new view version from non latest upstream

The MPMLink standard allows for creating a "new view version" only based on the latest "upstream version" of the wtparts.


Our industrial choice is to restrict the read permission of our manufacturing and aftermarket users to the "design released versions" only (our only upstream). Due to the MPMLink standard, they must wait for Design to have all its revision released, despite it exists a previous released, before to be able to create a newviewversion.


This is not an efficient use because most of the time the Design works one step in advance on the next version, keeping this version inwork for a time, while manufacturing is intended to produce the previous released version. The manufacturing can't wait for the Design to release the latest version before to create a downstream. And they must use the same partnumber, so the "create new downstream partnumber" is not a solution.


MPMLink should allow user to create downstream newviewversion based on the exact object version the user has selected in left panel "upstream". And this without launching a listener dealing with latest version.


From CS12141621 and SPR - 2240942



Can you give me your Windchill version ?  And explain your technical support case

I'm totally agree with your use case (we have the same).  But for me it should work....

Do you use only Access Policy rules to filter out the upstream BOM from the Manufacturing department ?  Or do you use filter ConfigSpec?

Cause the equipalence link is "Context aware". And you should be able to do your scenario with ConfigSpec filter

for example:

using a lifecycle with at least these 3 states .  DESIGN IN WORK, MANUF IN WORK, RELEASE

LATEST +Lifecylce state  .  you should be able to filter on 3 different "phases" of your xBOMs

or by using Promotions Request,  or more complicated, filter with effectivities



We're using Windchill 10.0 M050.

We use foldering based ACLs in addition with State based. In that case the manufacturing is not granted a read permission on wtpart types of the state "xxxinwork" in view "Design".

In MPMlink the Acl prevent user from displaying content he can't manage. in addition we have filters available but that doesn't solve the problem explained in the Cs. MPMLink negligates the object you have selected in left panel and review latest version in your upstream selection whatever your initial choice. Even a filter will not help (already tested).

Adding an additional state is an idea but i can't. We already have complex LCS because of including maturity concept in. Ie : PrototypeInwork,PrototypeReleased,SeriesinWork,SeriesReleased....obsolete etc.

We found a work around with providing extra permissions in the process of MPMLink during new view is operated and removing it automatically when done. But this suppose you're able to access codebase and modify Windchill. This we are not supposed to do .


And what does the technical Support says ? any feedback from the R&D ?

Cause a read permission on the specific upstream version should be enough ....

R&D says

"Actually, a New View Version (new branch) can be created only onto the latest revision/iteration of a part. Since the user doesn’t have access to the latest Revision/iteration, the Windchill code is preventing the new branch creation.

This is not an MPMLink specific validation. The same exception is thrown when calling the Windchill New View Version action. If the you want to keep working with those ACLs, the users have to use instead the MPSE New Downstream Part Number action and select the correct target location into the action wizard.

1.       either adjust ACLs to make the validation successful

2.       or use the New Downstream Part Number instead"

That's why we made our own temp permission allocation on top of the process of creating newviewversion. This allows for not modifying the PTC standard but achieving our goal.


Really sounds like a bug .... not as a work to spec

with your own permission, the equivalence link to the new View is correctly created with the "previous" upstream release version ? even if a new upstream  In work Version alredy exists ?

I will test this case on our system ASAP....

yes, sure, with wcadmin  permission no problem. With a user having read permission on Design "InWork" content also no problem.

That's why granting Manuf user (restricted to released) a special permission to read inwork during the windchill process operating newview solved our problem. The critical point was to make it clean in order to remove this permission after the downstream is created.

So far so good, it's working. But Basic customer may not be able to modify that behavior and this enhancement is a must in my opinion.

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