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Make downloaded files read-only if not checked out

Make downloaded files read-only if not checked out


We use the Windchill Desktop Integration without Office integration and then there is no Check Out message when you open a file.

The issue we see now is that people update documents from DTI without checking them out first - they can edit them and save them - but it is saved to workspace only.

And they do not notice this mistake.

This is giving us problems - and updated documents are lost.

A way to prevent this is to set a file as read-only when it is downloaded to workspace and not checked out.

Many systems work like that, e.g. Documentum

Best Regards

Soren Gylden


Soren Gylden‌, can you add more details to this Idea? Are you using the DTI Windows Explorer integration only? You mention users update documents, but they are only updated in the "workspace"? By workspace, are you referring to the local cache DTI uses for the Windows Explorer integration? Windchill Documents are not supported in the WGM workspace available in the browser UI.

I would like to make sure I understand the use case completely. How documents are accessed, what applications are used to update them and how they are put back into Windchill.


Hi Scott

We use PDMLink WEB interface for Creo drawings and want to use PDMLink for documents also.

We think that DTI is easier for people to get used to, so we want to use this for handling documents.

We started out with the office integration also, but had to drop that part of DTI due to the fact that it modifies the original files when they are copied to DTI. We have use cases where this is not acceptable and it also really confused the users.

But without the Office integration there are no checkout/in warnings

So a user that open e.g. a Word document in DTI will be able to do so without being asked for CheckOut.

The file is downloaded to the local cache (that I referred to as workspace) and then opened in Word.

Any updates to the file will be saved to the local cache when the user hits save and exit Word.

So the user believes that he has correctly updated the document, but forgot to check it out first - so the updated document will only exist in his cache..

Sure - we have seen this happening.

We have other document systems that works with a cache (In fact I think most system works like that), like Documentum and ClearCase

But these systems makes downloaded files read-only if they are not checked out.

Best Regards


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