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Make history accessible inside a WTdocument

Make history accessible inside a WTdocument

I think it could be helpful to get access to the history of a document in the same way like other atributes.

This will e.g. help to fill out the versioninformation in word-documents:

so.. Take the known history in Windchill:


And keep the history in the document it self up to date:




I have some doubt on that idea for the simple reason. iteration is not part as such of the history of the document.

The Änderungsindex is quite an old way to manage such history. I would say it was for the time with no Document Management.

This table should show only te official changes, ie the changes between the revisions. I do not think anyone is interested in the WIP iteration.

Now, if the new functionality should provide which line to include, will surely bring more complexity and problem than it would solve.In addition, the full history is not only that table.. it also includes all the change objects.

I would focus more in educated people to work differently. As for external users, well, if required, this can be provided differently

Entschuldingung. Ich kann dies Idee nicht unterstutzen




Although I agree with Chris, that not every Iteration may be interesting, and I guess that this may not be easiely to implement,

I still find this to be a nice idea.

Especially if one sees the way document history is handeled in the medical area.

But maybe one can add some filters to the function.

You get my vote Markus.

5-Regular Member

Thank you for your reply Chris C

Actually there is no way to use a history in WTDocuments. To change that is what I'm pleading for in this idea.

I am not focusing on every iteration, just on the ability to get some versioning-information for people who read the dokument without having access to Windchill.

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Thank you mathias schulze



I think I understand your point but if the document is managed by a Change Process what is changed should be detailed there.

I can see very well in the iteration comment something like. See ECN12345

Therefore this will not be of any help in the content itself.

Even if you write what has changed in the iteration comment, ths field is quite limited in term of space, formating etc...

You may have a lot of changes between revision A and revision B. You do not want them to be all described in one single line, I guess


Page 2  Change Blue in Red

Page 3 Change Big in Small

Page 52 Change chapter CHAPTER1 entirely to split it into two chapter to reflect better the reality


In addition, one can argue that in addition to such comment, we also want to see which ECN drove that change, so in addition of inserting the iteration comment as you suggest, it would be necessary to insert the ECN, and why not who approved the change, Who initiated the change....  I know you are not writing all this in your Änderungindex but I can imagine that some company needs to. Where do you draw the line.

I am afraid but I still can vote for this idea. If PTC implement it, fine, but it will not be used in my organisation

PS: I do not understand why you say there is no way to use a history in WTDocument. What do you mean ? I use history in WTdocument (iteration, change, revision , relationship etc....)

Schönes Wochenende.




Hello everyone!

This seems to be a very interesting discussion.

I think the idea from Markus only refers to a basic overview of the version history like displayed on the informaton page of a WTDocument:

Version (Rev., Iter.), Users Fullname, date and maybe the Check-In Comment (maybe controlable by templates?). Without considering objects from change management. Although that will be advanced topic.

Have a nice weekend!


5-Regular Member

Hello Chris,

iteration, revision, lifeciclestate and so on only giving the ability to show the actual state of the WTDocument.

As far as I know there is no way to show the history in the way it is done in the versionhistory for any Windchill content.

In my company we dont comment every petite change in formatting or so on.

Were using the comments to track what and maybe why something is done.

Just like it would be documented in a "Änderungsindex" of a Document.

Wünsche auch ein Schönes Wochenende..


As much as I see this as needed, I think the issue is as much what MS Word (or other) allows as a Document Property, as what Windchill sends as Attribute... Text, Yes/No, Date etc.  No Tables though.


We've been looking into something along these lines for Drawings as well as documents. The check-in comments could be used but as stated they aren't all valuable.  Some of that could be changed with training if that's the direction you want to go, or you could add some sort of trigger word/symbol. It would get wordy if you check-in a lot and then what if you overwrite changes.


Today we just manually put "SEE ECN... " . Our approach we're looking at is using the Adobe Experience Manager to append information to the PDF viewable (we already have a page with information). We're still trying to decide the source of that information, though conversations are leaning away from check-in comments and more towards a CR/CN field.

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