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Make master attributes editable in PDMLink

Make master attributes editable in PDMLink

Master attributes must be editable in the user interface. There is already an existing interface for WTParts: Edit Common Attributes, where master attributes should appear. This functionality is a must for a PDM-system and has to be implemented for WTParts, CAD Documents and Documents. Today customers solve it by heavy customizations as custom developed user interfaces and coding.


Today you can achieve this quite easily by adding an alias attribute to the versioned type. This alias picks the master attribute which you can set during create and I strongly believe also during edit.


I would like to know how to edit the master attribute programatically in workflow, It would be perfect for me!


Hello Oliver,

are you sure this can be done? I've added an attribute to partmaster and created an alias attribute on the versioned type. But when I create a new part, I can't set this attribute during creation, it states 'unassignable'. It's not show in the 'edit common attributes' as well.


Apparently the workaroud doesn't work in WT10.1. In WT10.0 and WT10.2 it works fine ...

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thanks for the workaround OliverDroop!

I find it would be more understandable for the user to separate the "edit common-attribute" from the "dit attributes" functions. I can imagine it is also for right management usefull.


Is there any update on this idea for the upcoming windchill Releases?


We need to define a set of attributes on WTPartMaster (idealy as subtype). These attributes have enumaration and must be multivalued. This still requires a customization of the "Edit Common Attribute" JSP & FormProcessor in 11.2.

We have identified a couple of workarounds with configurable Master link or using the Enterprise Data object from MPMLink. But such workaround involved additional object in the data model and requires additional clicks from the user to modify these attributes.

So that would be really great to be able to configure IBA on WTPartMaster and be able to edit them OOTB (like it can be achieved easily on WTPart version).


Is there any update in Windchill 12.0.1?

I don't understand why almost 10 years later, some attribute wizards still are defined in JSP and not using the type and attribute manager layouts. 

That looks for me that PTC started something and never finished their project. If 80% was reached the project was finished.

The same applies also for the enumerated name attribute. It works for creating, but not for renaming and save as.


@ any PTC Product Manager: Can we expect any changes here? It should not be necessary that a customer needs a customizing here. We don't wan't to checkout/in the objects to set a master attribute (done by alias attribute).  The process should be the same as the OOTB master/common attributes. 

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Hi All,


at the same time to implement the requested functionality also it would be interesting to have somehow traced the changes over Master attributes. Currently exists Rename History for Numer and Name, but what about the rest or Master attributes (Default Unit, etc) and also those created by administrators for Part Master?