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Manage Security for Project Activities, Action Items and meetings

Manage Security for Project Activities, Action Items and meetings


The idea is to enhance ProjectLink to allow the project manager to decide which project members can read (see) which part of the project and action items.

It may be sometimes necessary not to have full transparency. For instance in a new product development, you may work with two different suppliers who are competitors. You can already hide from each other the documents but as far as I know you cannot hide from each other their activities, status, action items or meeting (as well as their minutes) you organize with any of them.

One work around is to create a sub-project but I think this will overall improve efficiency if this could be managed in the same project.

You may want to group certain activities owned per the different suppliers into one summary activities and others into another one


Summary Activity : Quotation

     Child Activity Supplier 1 : Quotation

     Child Activity Suppluer 2 : Quotation

Summary Activity : Supplier Test results

     Child activity supplier 1  Test results

     Child activity supplier 2  Test results

I am refering to Windchill 9.1. Maybe PTC has already taken care of this in 10.1 but I have not been able to find that information thus my proposal as a new Product Idea.

What do you think ?


This is a great idea. There is no security available for Plan items, Action Items, Deliverables, Meetings or Discussions without using the Policy Editor for the Project that I am aware of. Some with more support than others.

Has anyone come up with an alternative method to support this Idea?

One method is to use the Configure Actions for Roles on the Team page to remove the Plan from most users allowing them to only see the "Tasks" (Activities, Milestones, Deliverables and Assignments) in the Tasks table instead. In this scenario, users would only have access to the items they own or have assigned to them.

Windchill 10.2 M030 will support Group assignment for Plan items which will be a significant change to how the assignments are made and who has access to the various items.



you have to vote your idea.

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