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Manufacturing Part View with Proper Usage Tab Editor Table

Manufacturing Part View with Proper Usage Tab Editor Table



PTC TS Call: C11226868


When creating a gathering WTPart in design view, in the upper assembly manufacturing view, how do we assign line numbers for the rolled up sub-components of the gathering parts in the upper assembly in manufacturing view


The sub components of the gathering WTParts (design view) should be moved up one level.  The single level BOM report of the manufacturing view shows the right results of items and quantity and the gathering WTPart is remove/filtered off the list of items.  This should be exactly in the list of items displayed in the usage tab of the Manufacturing WTPart view.  Similar to design view structure usage tab, the table in the manufacturing view has to be modifiable from a manufacturing perspective for all the field of the table view.

What every you get in the single bom report for the manufacturing view of the part should be same as the items in the list of the usage tab.  So, adding line numbers, QTY and so forth in the Uses Tab should be in direct relation to the single BOM report of the manufacturing view. You should not even see design gathering parts in the list of items in the uses tab.

There is a major difference in lack of functionality and business requirements.  During the web-ex, everyone (PTC Product Managers and Senior Developers) understood that the current functionality is not a solution which is the standard business requirement.  PTC is marketing is stating it is a solution according to the business requirements.  The current UI is not usable though it functions.


I can see that the functionally was purely focused on current Windchill WTPart usage links which is very limited.

I believe I need to have a meeting with your Marketing and Product Managers of WTPart, MPMLink, ESI integration.  So, I can demonstrate the simple standard requirement.  BOM management is one of the most crucial requirement to any success of implementing WTPart management.



I've such the same call and discussion with MPM team ....

Because when gathering wtparts where released in 10, my understanding was that it will be in MPMLink MPSE that,

when changing the above WTpart asm to manufacturing view , it will automatically remove the gathering and put sub parts in the upper level (with correct quantities if gathering qty>1).

But it does not ....

The only thing that can have as a temp patch, is that the gathering icon (transparent ProE icon) became  also visible in MPSE and MPMLink compare tools... To clearly identify in MPMLink those particular WTParts

And we train the users , as a methodology,  to remove gathering parts in Manufacturing Views...

For us, we can not manage gathering as a "strict" BOM reporting display. Cause depending of the manufacturing process. We will split childs wtparts of the gathering in different place of the mBOM. Not always directly under the gathering father ...

Gathering, for me,  is more a CAD workaround. (notably cause Creo is not able to manage nested assembly nodes without creating an .asm file, contrary to Catia or CADDS where we can have a CAD structure different than the file structure ...)  for managing "pure CAD design" levels ...



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