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Multilanguage documents with SIM

Multilanguage documents with SIM


We're in need of mutlilanguage document support:

Example: Consider a leaflet with safety-warnings or environmental notes, which you always get with an office printer, cell phone, etc.
Those leaflets are normally composed out of all the warnings in all the languages.

This means for the SIM part:
- We need to add modules to a publication structure, where the authoring language of the module is unequal to the authoring language of the publication structure itself.
==> Example:
A publication structure will be composed out of
- Safety-Warnings EN
- Sicherheitshinweise DE
- .... FR
- .... ES
- etc. etc.

- There should be a support for translation management for these kind of documents.

- If this will be implemented by modules and the existing translation management logic, then the information structure should be capable of - at least - informing the user, that a module is existing in multiple languages, so that the user can decide, which language should be put in to the publication structure.
So by dragging over the module in the PS, the user should be asked, if this module should be used in the master or in a translation language.
Or - the Information Structure shows (as a subtree) all available translations, so that the user can pick up from there.

Thanks for consideration,

you Windchill-Team@DATACOPY

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