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My Tasks Table Options - Excel Filtering and in table Priority settings

My Tasks Table Options - Excel Filtering and in table Priority settings

At my company, some of our users have to manage multiple tasks in their My Tasks table.

  • At time of creation of this presentation, one user had 174 tasks
  • Note that this is a strong user that works primarily in the Change Manager role

We want to add three new capabilities within the My Tasks table.

  • Make all column headers have Excel like filter capability
    • Current funcitonality only allows sort Ascending or Descending
    • Needs a Select All box option so that it can be turned off and only desired boxes checked instead of having to uncheck all boxes
    • Easy filtering by Context, Name, Subject, etc.
  • Priority Column
    • Easily configurable category to add Priority as a column
      • Not driven from the change documents attributes
      • With choices defined by administrators to allow companies to define to suit their business needs
  • Add a change Notice column
    • This would only be applicable for change task work items
    • In many instances, communications about work items are with the Change Notice number, not the change task number
      • It would be nice to be able to sort and find work task items by Change Notice numbers

ScreenHunter_94 Jun. 06 11.00.jpg

Note: Change Notice column not shown in example.


Jason Knighten


The excel "look and feel" should be present in any table view. I have opened the same idea for Product Structure Browser + abilty to mass edit attributes in columns like in excel.

for the last point, we've got exactly the same need.  CA number is not relevant. it is the CN number  ...

We just do a litte customization in the first robot of the CA workflow, to get the CN number and add it as an IBA on the CA.... So users are able to sort Cactivities by CN number ...


Thanks Gregory. I would prefer to get PTC to add OOTB. After a few issues with customizations during Windchill 10.1 upgrade, I would prefer to avoid and this isn't quite critical enough to add the risk.

Good to know it can be done if it ever does become that critical.


Would be nice to show any attribute associated with the Primary Business Object (CR, CN or CA, Document, CAD Document) so that users can filter out the tasks that are relevant to them.


This is a great idea. Primarily a Windchill Core UI issue, becuase this capability should be available in any table. Today we have table views, which does what you want, but is not as easy to configure and share. Once they are all setup, they are okay to use, but you're right about the Excel filtering. Everyone knows it. It is consistent in Excel and Windows Explorer. It is intuitive and most people would just do it naturally when looking at tabular data.


Great idea. It would be very powerfull if you have a function on each column, which allows you to filter on this particular column. This refers to the functionality you have in Excel. There you can set a specific filter on each column. This would allow you to quickly filter your result, or make combinations, without the need of querying over and over again. Varios filters on diferent columns with wildcards should be possible

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Many end users have requested for ability to filter their task based on its PBO's property like (CN, CR etc.)


By the way, PTC just released the feature column filtering, also for earlier Windchill versions (It doesn't say which versions.):

For Windchill 11.1 it works wonderful!

Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 16.27.22.png


Enabled by the property

<!--Column Filtering in Tables-->
<Property name="com.ptc.netmarkets.javascript.tableColumnFilteringEnabled" overridable="true" targetFile="codebase/" value="true"/>


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