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Need a report that shows who has NOT used a PTC License in a specified timeframe

Need a report that shows who has NOT used a PTC License in a specified timeframe

1. Describe your environment: What is your industry? What is your role in your organization? Describe your stakeholders.
We are a Medical Device Manufacturer. We use Windchill PLM and Quality modules. We spend millions of dollars per year on licensing. We are currently using nine different PTC licenses:

1. View Licenses

2. Contribute Licenses (~400)

3. Base Licenses (~500)

4. Advanced Licenses (~600)

5. Premium Licenses (~20)

6. Mechanical Design I Licenses (~60)

7. Audit Management Licenses (~40)

8. Quality Licenses

9. Regulatory Master Licenses



Since we spend millions of dollars per year on licensing, my company has assigned me to manage license costs. I spend several hours each week doing this.

2. What version of Windchill are you currently running?, to be upgrading to version 12.1 in less than a year. We are cloud hosted.

3. Describe the problem you are trying to solve. Please include detailed documentation such as screenshots, images or video.
The problem is simple: Users request that they be granted a Role in Windchill. Each Role requires one or two licenses. But many of our users never use that role, and thus do not need the license. We hand out  licenses like candy. We have developed a cumbersome but effective process for determining who is not using their license, however, PTC needs to provide a simple report that shows the last time a user did something in the system and what license it required. For example, for each user, it should have multiple columns, one for each license and show the date they last performed a transaction that required that license. As an example that would allow us to see that a user had an Advanced License, but has not performed any transactions requiring an Advanced license in the past year, but it would also show that they had recently performed a transaction that required a Base license. This would then allow us to remove the Advanced license from the user and grant them a Base license instead.


PTC should also provide a more detailed report in addition to the above report that shows all transactions for a user and which license it used.

4. What is the use case for your organization?
Managing licensing costs.

5. What business value would your suggestion represent for your organization?
This will allow us to manage our licenses effectively, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Having these reports will increase our confidence that PTC is operating in "good faith" and wants her customers to succeed. It will also free up hundreds of hours that I spend each year doing reporting and analysis using our cumbersome process.

As an aside, there is a huge business opportunity for me to consult with other PTC customers on how to manage their license costs. You can imagine what my sales pitch might be - it would not be favorable to PTC. It is in your interest to provide this reporting.

23-Emerald II

While I like the idea of being notified that a base license could have been used instead of an advanced license, I think that capability goes beyond reporting who has used or not used a license assigned to them. 

I would probably assign users to the base license (plus what other ones they require) and then IF they cannot perform certain functions in their daily work then remove the base license and give them the advanced license. Might be a bit more admin work, but you could control license usage a little better. 


Hi Ben, thank you for your reply, it helps me see that I was not clear enough: We have thousands of users. It would shut down our business if I were to remove the Advanced license from all 600 users just to see which one complained. I would probably also be offered the opportunity to pursue other career choices (ha-ha). So we need a report that tells us which of those 600 Advanced users do not need the report. Then yes, we simply remove the License and grant it back when they are unable to do their work. We probably have 50 to 100 users who have an Advanced license who do not need it. We estimate that we have 300 users with a Quality license who do not need it. We probably have 100 Base users who do not need it. And so on. PTC should provide a simple report that exposes this data. Thanks again for your reply and helping me see that I was not clear enough.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you @BrianPalmer for your idea & clarification, and @BenLoosli for the comment. Based on the information you provided, we are acknowledging it as the Community management team. This is not a commitment from the Product team. Other users may comment and vote your idea up.


I can see better reporting on licenses being really useful tool.   We kind of do our own report (manually), based on login frequency (using the audit reports), and then have a search to look at what the user has been looking at if the log in rate is lower than expected, before making a change we reach out to that persons manager for advise.   Of course, we only have around 300 users in total, so this is not a scalable solution beyond that.

21-Topaz I

Added reporting would be incredibly useful.  Every year around license renewal time I spend many hours reviewing usage as @RME_DH mentions with some of the same tactics.


One important topic for effective license management.


Thank you very much for this idea. I completely support it.


Since one year, i have to administrate and monitor usage of licenses and it is  the most painful task i have to do. We have 1800 users and it is very time consuming.


One important information i would like to share with you: be careful with the license usage report, it is not reliable ! 


For example, we have a problem with View & Print users who complete workflow tasks. In this case, mutiple licenses are recorded. Example:



It is fixed in version 12.1. The SPR number is  11171327 ( . This issue should be fixed in all other versions.


I found another use case: the Notebook. If a View & Print user opens its Notebook for the first time, then multiple licenses are recorded. I opened a call to Tech support and R&D is currently investigating it. A third use case; the Classification search.


So, the licensing data recorded in the database and the License report are not reliable and this could be a source of big troubles if you have an audit. Be careful !


Last point: i was told to use License Usage gadget in Windchill Performance Advisor to monitor Licenses. I connected our Windchil system to this solution 6 month ago. I'm sorry but the details of this gadget are not enough. I prefer my SQL scripts to monitor and to make optimisations.


Please also read this discussion created by @WFD about wrong Licensing data recorded in the database: 



21-Topaz I

Thank you @Pascal_Brunet for this information.


I hope PTC can see the enormous benefits adding detailed reporting for licenses will be for administrators!




Idea of @BrianPalmer is probably the most important one for Windchill administrators because i spend too much time to monitor and manage the licenses. When the available quantity gets close to 0, it is the worst. Example of use case: View and Print users who need to complete Workflow tasks. I have to search for Low users, analyse if they created or modified data or completed some tasks with their license and if not ask if i can reassign it to somebody else who needs it more. We have 1600 users and it's too much time consuming. I'm aware about Active Daily licenses but i'm not sure it's really better.


I suggest a report listing all the members of each license group. Each line of this list shows the following information:

User Full name

User name

License group name

Added date of the user in this license group.

First usage date of the license 

Last usage date of the license 

Usage count of the license.

Is the user created or modified at least one data ? Document, Part, Change, Workflow task,..






5-Regular Member
5-Regular Member

Sounds like a great idea, yes please provide us with a reliable per user license usage measuring tool


Certainly. I agree that this enhancement request holds significance, especially in cases where Windchill is hosted on the cloud rather than on-site, limiting site admin access. Consequently, organization administrators face an inability to reach the AuditRecord table, resulting in the unavailability of a pathway to retrieve login/logout and license usage data via the User Interface.