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Need simple tool to capture static structure

Need simple tool to capture static structure

A common requirement is to "take a picture" of a BOM to be stored as a configuration. The Part Configuration feature is close, but are depending of trace code settings. Baseline is to hard to use, because it will not capture the structure it´s self so you need to configure the structure-filter to get the captured structure.

The main features shall be:

- Capture a product structure with one click (as Part Configuration)

- Captured configuration shall show the static product structure (as Part Configuration)

- No dependencies to trace code (as baseline)

- Compare Captured configuration with any BOM configuration (as baseline)

- Repopulate Captured configuration (as Part Configuration)

- Open Captured configuration in CAD or download to worksppace (as baseline)

- Visualization shall support Captured configuration (as baseline and Part Configuration)

- Link documents to a Captured configuration as verification reports etc. (as Part Instances)

- Share a Captured configuration to ProjectLink

- Support Captured configuration to be exported by ERP Connector.


How does this idea compare to using Views?


Hi Don

Thanks for your comment. Views are used to define an alternative structure (M-Bom, S-BOM). I cant see views fulfilling the requirements above. To achieve a static BOM, all parts has to be defined as view-parts. Each time you need another static structure, you have to define a new view.




Per - Baselines will satisfy most of the use cases above - support showing in a structure (Baseline config spec), Visualization, collect and add based upon the current Structure (Add to Baseline), use to collect to add to a Project.  This is one of their prime use cases.  As for sending to ERP - we would recommend not using something that has to depend upon discrete naming.  Effectivity is typically more aligned with planning needs for ERP configurations.

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