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New Idea - Add feature in Windchill PDMLink for roll-up of attributes like Weight, Cost, Power...

New Idea - Add feature in Windchill PDMLink for roll-up of attributes like Weight, Cost, Power...

"Like projects allow the date and effort roll-up, PDMlink should have the option of (say check-box) on creation of attributes (like Weight, Power, Cost etc) to be rolled up at assembly, subassembly or at product level."

This citation is from Rabin Kayastha's post.

I think such a function will be beneficial for many Windchill PDMLink users. We need this function.

Here are some posts regarding the need:

We currently use an excel spreadsheet to create a "Costed BoM"

BOM cost report

Thanks for reading and/or voting.


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As mentioned in another post.

I am sure PTC has considered this but there is no easy answer.

Costing is generally the realm of ERP for very good reason.

Therefore with a PDMLink-ERP integration, PDMLink users could see the cost for all parts and up to date cost too as sometimes cost changes only because overheads has increased nothing to do with some engineering (design, supply chain, procurement) decision.

There is already a module in Windchill called Analytic which help understanding the cost of a product.

I would rather like a way for cost rollup as an estimate in an early stage of product development ie when the product is not yet known by the ERP system.

Regarding the weight. Most of the Wtpart are at some point in time driven by CAD so the weight is easily found from the CAD file. However, I appreciate not all material (sorry SAP terminology) requirs a CAD file such as liquid, packaging etc... but they have a weight. So the system should take the weight from CAD if available or ask the user to manually enter it.

However for the assembly this can cause an issue. the CAD assembly will have a weight but it will not take into account any liquid or grease that goes in the product.  mmhh. I am glad I do not work in the PTC design team

Anyway I have voted up and hopefully PTC will be forced to officially consider this and give us a feedback. unless this has been done in the past.


I would note for Cost needs we have a module called PTC Windchill Cost

In Windchill 11.0 F000 we have support to create rollups of attributes for certain cases (for example) - against a structure.  These leverage some level of customization as your needs for calculation can vary.  Also note the performance considerations listed in the documentation.

Information is under the following section of the Windchill 11.0 F000 help

Using a BusinessAlgorithm in a Calculated Attribute

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Hi Jeff

thank you for your participation.I am glad to know this is current functionality and Windchill11 is adding more to it

I thought Windchill Cost was replaced by Windchill Analytic but I see thanks to your link.Windchill Cost is part of Windchill Analytic. So I did not have it all wrong

Where can we access the help file to learn more about

Using a BusinessAlgorithm in a Calculated Attribute

Best regards


‌Chris - it's a topic in Windchill 11.0 Help. When the Help goes online in the support site I will add the hyperlink.


Hello ,

Thanks for sharing valuable information.

Ok, I can make a copy one of file with a new name (update the new class name accordingly), and set  execute methods input parameter as my target field.

I have 2 questions, I be happy if you enlighten me:

    1) Is creating java files enough to achieve this solution, or do I have to use java complier? If java files should be compiled, will I use class files or will I make jars? Where would I put .class or .jar files. Probably I wolud better restart windchill after all. I apppreciate your recommendations.

    2) Is it possible to apply this solution to Windchill 10.2 if I create the java classes/ files that are explained in the Windchill11 Help instruction?

Kind Regards,


Note I haven't got any practical experience with this, as Windchill 11.0 F00 is not available for download yet. So take this with a grain of salt. The only thing I really can do is dig around the documentation as you can do too

1) You have to compile customization code into a .class. The page I linked to also mentions you have to provide a class. I recommend you to skim the whole Basic Customization chapter in the help. It has guidance on how to handle custom code including use of the wtSafeArea naming and placement of custom classes under codebase/ etc. Note part of the information is targeted at customers with the Information Modeller toolchain for maintaining hardcoded types. So not all of the information may apply in your environment. 

2) As Jeff Zemsky mentioned above this is a new feature in 11.0 F000 - so not available in 10.2. As Windchill 11.0 F000 it not yet made available for download, at least not in my account, you have to be patient a bit more before you can put your hands on this. I'm sure PTC releases it as soon as they can.





Thank you for the great summary - Some other notes

  1. Andaç - the provided code is a set of samples - you can use, rewrite or create your own.  You can rename the sample (make sure to update your code) to any name you like.  The code must be compile and Jørn shared some great info on doing that.
  2. This will only be available in 11.0 F000 onwards.  (Jørn - Windchill 11.0 F000 was made available last week for download - I would contact your Sales Rep or Tech Support if you are not seeing the download)


Thanks for the info on 11.0 F000 availability.

Case opened with Tech Support (we have experienced similar issues before)

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Status changed to: Current Functionality