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New Yellow Confirmation Bar

New Yellow Confirmation Bar


because we cannot disable this annoying bar at all would be nice at least to reduce banner size and position to avoid hiding functions bellow. My suggestions is this:



Level 17

Not sure if you are aware, but you can shorten both the amount of time before it starts to fade out as well as the duration of the fade.


I wonder if instead of changing the shape the bar could be configured such that moving the mouse over it would make it instantly disappear.  This would keep it from blocking access to the stuff underneath without having to play games with it's size and shape.  I wouldn't be opposed to using longer display times if I didn't have to click the "x" to get rid of it quickly.

Level 8

I know that. Set up fade out time from 3s to 1s already but anytime you move cursor over the fading banner it appears again which is superannoying.

Level 3

The bar should be at the bottom of the page or somewhere where you can dismiss easily. The only nice feature of this is if you are creating an object, it has the link to the newly created object - but outside of that it is super annoying as stated by PeterP!!

Level 11

When the bar is showed the following work must not be affected. So no navigation or recent menu needs to be accessed right away. 

From my side it also could be a popup (not a new page, just an overlay) in the page which the user can place where he want it to have. This info will disappear as soon he navigates away.

Level 8

It would be nice if it could be set up as a preference to turn on or off...even better as a user preference. But, if that really is not within PTC's plans, then I agree it needs to be moved, resized, or anything else as long as it doesn't hide functional areas of the screen.

Level 15

I like the pop-up window idea with a fade out and automatically removal after X seconds, placed in the middle of the screen.

Doesn't the yellow bar have a close (X) in the upper right corner?

Level 8

I wait patiently for it to go away, then, when it is no longer visible, I move the mouse to get at what it was blocking, and it reappears because, mathematically, it wasn't completely gone.  Very annoying!  I'm going to look into shortening the fade time, as suggested.  Thanks!

a preference to turn on or off will be great.

at least disable this annoying fade out.

Level 6


Like the fade timing, the position of the message box can be customized in Windchill. Please refer below :

Confirmation Message Yellow BarConfirmation Message Yellow Bar
Here is a piece of *sample* code for your reference which can be updated in the Windchill\codebase\netmarkets\javascript\util\jsfrags\messaging\messaging.jsfrag file. (Tested on Windchill 11.1 and FireFox browser)



  • Modify the X and Y values for the position of the box.
  • Modify the "msgWindow.height" and "msgWindow.width" to change the box width. Highlighted values are correspond to the box position in above screenshot. 


PTC.messaging.msgWindow = new Ext.Window( {
cls: 'inlineWindow',
id: 'inlineWindow',
draggable: false,
resizable: true, //comes in very handy 
title: 'Mayurs Windchill',
shadow: false,
header: false,
closable: true,
bodyStyle:"padding:0px 0px 6px 0px;background:#dafcbd;", //changed the yellow background color
initCenter : false,

focus: Ext.emptyFn // no need to allow this to get focus, 2099943
var msgWindow = PTC.messaging.msgWindow;
msgWindow.width= 410;


This is just an example which works when browser is 100% maximized. However, you can add additional generic javascript code to get the browser and screen sizes and then have the box position updated relatively. 


Hope this helps!

Level 11

@Mayur your made my day! Love it Smiley LOL

Level 11


The same doesn't seem to work for me in Windchill 10.2.  Is it possible to do the same in 10.2 with some modifications?