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Offer optional Windchill Client-Application

Offer optional Windchill Client-Application

It would be helpful to have an OPTIONAL, Web-based Windchill-Client-Application (like the Workgroup Manager) with a certified, INDEPENDENT Browser-Environment - to prevent any Browser-Compatibility-Issues.

For security reasons - this Client should not be able to access the Internet.

Ideally the Client has its own Java-Environment too.


How close would Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition‌ fit the bill on this?

  • The Firefox ESR edition (specific versions needed for specific Windchill versions) is already certified by PTC
  • Optional additions of Java and Site Block‌‌ should be fairly easy to add - needs may differ on these, so I think they should be "add-on"

It would be nice if the workgroup manager/independent "browser" could be one and the same. Same interface usable for Creo Parametric/Schematics/... and all the third party applications. Though the programs where it is already integrated, it would have to be an option to use embedded or stand alone. 

I haven't used it lately, but I believe one of their competition already does this with a heavy client.


The problem is - up to now not any browser is able to perform every windchill-action without any trouble - also Firefox ESR.


- IE: No drag'n'drop with HTML5 for WTDocuments (fixed in WT11)

- Chrome: No Java-Applets, sometimes strange behavior regarding table-rendering

- Firefox: A lot of trouble with Java-Applets, sometimes strange behavior regarding table-rendering - up to missing UI-Features!

If you are a Windchill-Heavy-User / -Admin today - you have to use at least two different browsers.

And the behavior may change with every Windows-Update, Browser-Update, Java-Update,...

And on the other side - usually Windchill is not the only Web-Application in a company. If you have to deal with Share-Point or similar apps - you will run into compatibility-conflicts - sooner or later.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

Closing this idea as Java applets have gone and HTML5 is true standard. In addition,  PTC will not deliver a web-based Client application, which would be nothing else than another browser distributable.