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PSI should warn about illegal characters in host name

PSI should warn about illegal characters in host name

In page 89 of the Windchill installation guide (324 pages), it specifies:

Web Server DNS Registered Host


The a fully qualified host name of the computer on which PTC HTTP Server is installed.

The host name must conform to the required standard Internet format that specifies the name can be a text string up to 63 characters drawn from only the alphabet (A-Z and a-z), digits (0-9),hyphen (-), and period (.). The period is used only as a domain name separator.

The first character of a host name can be either a letter or a digit. The default is:


It means that other characters, such as "_" or "+" are not allowed.

What happens in such a case, is that you can go through the entire install process (that takes some time), to discover in the end that windchill will not start with a "URL Malformed" message that prevents the method server from starting.

It is very easy for the PSI to, at least, give a Waring about host name containing illegal characters.

It validates DNS registered Host anyway, so add this simple check to that validation.


I think that PTC needs to allow the entire standard character set used in a URL.   If they can't for some reason, then the PSI needs this enhancement.


The case of the Host Name is explicitly forbidden by PTC to use some characters in the Host Name, that the other components allows, and since the PSI already validates the DNS Host name, adding this check is trivial.

In current situation, you waste hours just to realize that you should rename your computer, when it could be notified in a few minutes at the beginning of the process, before you get complicated with uninstall and drop databases.

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