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Prevent Illegal/Invalid Characters from causing failures

Prevent Illegal/Invalid Characters from causing failures

There are different sets of illegal/invalid charaters for attributes, filenames, Creo files, etc.

In some cases you get error messages that you cannot use those characters, but not always.

One big example is uploaded document filenames. They work ok in Windchill until you make a zipped package. Then it fails. Some of these are documented, but the system shoudln't allow them in the first place because not every user reads every page of documentation. The database inputs should be sanitized for any invalid characters.

This list also needs to be documented in one place. Right now these are scattered across multiple documents. It would be easier if just the entire list of all possible characters were listed and disallowed than pick and choosing which can be used in

Here are just a few of the lists I've pulled together:

When you create objects, you enter information in a variety of fields. The following characters have special meaning in the system and should be avoided when defining attributes, such as Name, Number:
< > " ’ & % $

Also adding more than one space between letters can also cause an error.

Windows prohibits the following in file and folder names:
/ \ : * ? “ < > |

In addition to the preceding list, the following characters are problematic for folder names:
/  \ ! @ # ^ * ( ) : ? |

The following should not be used in UNIX file names:
\  The extension ".LNK" or ".lnk."

Creo - Avoid using any of the currently illegal characters when assigning Figure names.
" / \ * ? < > | :

Creo - Currently characters are not supported in any file name
" / \ * ? < > ' , . | : ; ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & ( )

These are reserved separator characters

$ ^ !*

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