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Provide more informative Search error messaging.

Provide more informative Search error messaging.

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It would be nice if the Error message was more descriptive, instead of “Please specify a search criteria”, maybe, “Please specify one object type, one context, or additional criteria to limit the search”. 

I know these are out of the box messages, but one can still hope for better.

After adding the enableEmptySearch property, saved Searches using specific Object Types, where the Name and Number are blank, with Revision = All, are working now. 

But I tried a different search (not one of my saved searches, and not one I do often), where I selected Object Types “Change Request” and “Change Notice”, and left the Contexts as “All”, the Name, Number were blank, and there were no other Criteria. When I clicked Search, it gave the error message “Please specify a search criteria”, and the Search criteria would not submit, similar to the previous problem for the searches above.

Tried again with just “Change Request” and “Change Notice”, and got the same “Please specify a search criteria” error.

When I used the same objects types,  CR, CN, but limited the search to a specific Context, the Search initiated and provided results.

So it seems like the Search problems are partially addressed with implementing the Property setting that is improving the Search capability.


I see what you mean. We'd need 2 separate error messages: 1 for the default behavior ("You must include a keyword."), and 1 for when enableEmptySearch=true.

For the latter, it seems like a better (if lengthy) error message would be:

Enter a keyword or narrow your search using one of the following:

  • Select only one object type.
  • Select only one context or one folder
  • Provide a value for at least one attribute field under Criteria.
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