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Referenced By link between WTPart and CAD Document

Referenced By link between WTPart and CAD Document

Currently you can associate CAD files as 'owner', 'content', etc.

However, you cannot link them as a Reference Document - instead you must convert them to Document first (eg: PDF).

It would greatly improve our business processes if you add this functionality.

It could be controlled either alongside existing Associations, or in the Reference Document area.



Business case:

We have a WTPart BOM at revision C.  We have an EPMDocument drawing at revision A.  This is a drawing with overall product dimensions, weights, etc. that we like to send to the customer, like a spec drawing.

If we associate the EPMDocument to the WTPart using Content, and then we need to revise that customer drawing, the new B revision is not associated to anything.  We don't want to revise the BOM to D and the drawing to B at the same time.  We only want the drawing revised.

If this drawing was able to be associated to the WTPart using the Reference Document link type, then the latest revision of the EPMDocument would always be associated to the WTPart BOM.  In other words, the EPMDocument can be independently revised many times, and the WTPart would always have a link to the latest revision.



Since 10.0, you can create a "Configurable Reference Link" in Type manager (also Describe and Master link if needed)

And define contraints on this link to be able to associate WTpart to EPMDoc .

We use it for the same kind of business need than yours.

We link Manufacturing drawings or Mfg  to a WTpart as reference (not using MPMLink Process Plan ). So do not need to Revise the WTpart if the "manufacturing process" change. Always point to latest Version.   (or at least latets Released version (drived by an OOTB preference ))


The following is from the duplicate idea submission I accidentally setup, hopefully it adds some clarity. Be nice if the description of this idea could be modified to clarify we are discussing relationships between WTParts and EPMDocuments.

A common use case for Weatherford is the need to associate/link an EPMDocument to a WTPart using a Referenced By link, exactly like the Reference By link already available between a WTPart and a WTDocument. So that the WTPart is linked to the EPMDocument master, so it is not a requirement to revise/maintain the relationship to a specific version of the EPMDocument. This would allow the Reference By linked EPMDocument to be revised independent of the WTPart.

For Weatherford there are two main use cases for this:

  1. Sales or Customer Reference Drawing. A dumbed down generic CAD model and associated drawing are produced for illustrative purposes, this is essential a sideways copy of the main CAD assembly with most details removed. So you are left with a simplistic version of the assembly that shows the major features and dimensions without including any intellectual property.
  2. Product Manuals authored as Dynamic Document (Arbortext). Where dynamic documents are used to create product documentation for WTParts.

Often these EPMDocuments are applicable to multiple assemblies and are maintained by someone other than who maintains the WTPart, usually with mutually exclusive permissions.

E.G. An Engineer maintains the WTPart and doesn’t want a technical writer to have access to change it. A technical writer maintains the EPMDocument and doesn’t want someone in Engineering to be able to modify it.

At previous technical committee meetings these were common requirements for a number of customers. I know it is possible to do something with a configurable link, but I feel this should be available out of the box.


Gregory PERASSO‌ I know the configurable links. How do you link the drawing to the part? Is that a manual step or how do you manage this?


Yes,in our case,  it is a manual step.  We use the "OOTB" actions of configurable links

Once you have created a Configurable Reference Link in type manager.  And update the xml and RB file as describe in the Customizer Guide, you're able to display your new table "related Ref Drawings" from the Wtpart info page.

On this new table, there's actions to be able to search, add existing , or copy/paste the Drawings into the WTpart


Thanks, I was just wondering if you have customized the automatically assignment of the CAD-Drawing to the WTPart. Perhaps there is a easy way to do it per customizing rather than manually by hand. I could think of the association finder to read an attribute from the drawing and add this relationship.


I think quite easy to create for example a listener on WTpart Checkin event ...

to find the CAD Doc based on your criteria  (number, creo ref link to principal owner 3D model associated to Wtpart, etc ...)

and create the custom ref link


I checked both 10.2M020 and 11.0F000: Configurable Reference Link constraints support only WTPart, WTDocument, ECR, ECN, PR, and Typed Iterated Resource.  EPMDocument is not shown in the list of potential constraints, neither as parent nor as child.  I believe the idea submission (especially as Lewis Lawrence describes it below) therefore remains valid, as EPMDocument does not appear to be supported for configurable links.   Gregory PERASSO‌ if you have found a way to create configurable links with EPMDocuments, could you kindly share the configuration details required to do so? 


Hi Eric ...

Need to search in my old TS calls ...

In fact there's a properties to set in  It drives the "Role B" object types


you can add wt.epm.EPMDocument

or any Versionnable objects


Thanks Gregory PERASSO, I'll try that!

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Status changed to: Acknowledged