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Refresh Windchill Browser Automatically

Refresh Windchill Browser Automatically

So that users know that the data that they are looking at in Windchill is up to date, there should be a function that will automatically refresh a window if changes have been made to an item.  This could be done upon actions like check in, creating a default viewable, or editing attributes.  This would allow users that are looking at information not to have to constantly hit F5 to make sure that what they are looking at hasn't been changed by someone else.  The refresh could be automatic or the "go to latest" could appear to let them know that changes have been made depending on the type of change, like maybe a revise on an objet.  Or if the user is not on the latest, as if they were looking up history, it would not refresh to the latest iteration. 


Hi Brian,


Windchill has few preferences, that would help to resolve your concerns.

Can you please try below preferences & check, if it satisfies your requirement?


Update Commonspace Changes In Background

Out of Date Check
Refresh to synchronize File Name
Access rights refresh interval
























Pankaj Mooteri

Product Manager, PTC


Hello @pmooteri,


Thank you for these preferences, but they are all around workspaces and how they function.  My idea has nothing to do with workspaces or WGM, but with actual Windchill browser from Chrome, IE, etc.


Thank you,


Community Manager
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