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Related objects information in tables

Related objects information in tables

In order to enhance productivity and reduce the usage of reports the user should be able to add in any table (folder, workspace, structure, ...) information comming from connected objects.

Use cases :

  • As a user I want to quickly review a BoM and all related objects such as CAD documents, documents states and also downstream articles.
  • From the finished product of the products detail page I would like to display some BoM component informations to select quickly the product I have to work with.
  • As a change engineer I would like to know the status of change notice connected to the articles of my workspace.



This is possible with the use of Alias Attributes, but I like this idea as it would be much more powerful for Users to be able to bring in the information relevant to them without Administrative effort.  I'm not sure if there are performance issues with Alias Attributes.  You do have some available functionality now for your first use case though.

BOM + CAD Documents and Documents by State... Use the Structure Tab and Show/Hide in the Viewing Group.  It's kind of clunky because you need to expand the structure. highlight everything and then perform this operation.  It would be nice to be able to set and remember, but at the same time this would have a dramatic impact on load/render time for very large structures.ShowDocs.jpg


We have already implemented some Alias Attributes but it requires a significant administrative effort and can be applied in a few particular cases.

I agree with you about PBS. But the main issue in our use cases is on folders and search results.

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