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Remove all java applets in Windchill

Remove all java applets in Windchill

Since java seems to be a security issue for the client machines,

all java applets should be removed and exchanged by JSP (or compareable functions).

It should be easily possible to replace atleast the most of the common used java applets.

It also reduces the software complexity if on the client side java must not be installed anymore.

See also: PTC Announcement from 25-Nov-2013 Updates regarding Java 7 Client Support with PTC Windchill Solutions


Java applets are not only a security issue.

CAD-clients are workstations for client-users without admin-access.The installation processes and updates are taking to much time, in case of office-automation processes!

Yes, good idea. Java apllets are not state of the art any more and the constant compatibility issues wuth the correct versions of the client JRE really suck!


PTC is currently working on a replacement for the upload document Java applet that will relelease with Windchill 10.2_M020. This new replacement will be an HTML5 drag-n-drop upload tool. It will of course require an HTML5 compliant browser, but will be a much easier way to adding content to a content upload wizard such as documents and attachments.

PTC will continue to work on Java applet removal/replacement in Windchill 10.2_M030 with a goal of removing and/or signing as many as possible to eliminate the complications created by the new security criteria implemented by Oracle.


Well this sounds like good news!


Replacing the applet file upload mechanism is probably a good start since that affects the most users, but how many people actually drag and drop at all or upload folder contents or multiple files on a regular basis?  I'm sure it happens, but I haven't seen it on any project I've ever worked on.  There's already a preference for defaulting the upload mechanism to use basic browser functionality.

Applets have their place, and definitely simplify code in that you don't have to account for cross browser compatabilty/functionality issues, but I just don't see most of Windchill's applets as necessary anymore.  And in my opinion, the extra work on a few PTC developers is nothing compared to the time, frustration, and cost to your customers.   It's not just today's hot topic issues of unsigned jars and mixed code.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that has spent hours researching the issue of applets failing when switching a web server from http to https.  And a technology that ultimately allows - or has the potental to allow - unfettered access to user machines via a web browser is always going to require security updates, not just standard new version performance/feature updates.  Don't forget about the interfering group policies.  For many, this creates a never ending cycle that distracts from the real work.  More time spent patching when it should be spent improving.

Please don't stop with the file upload mechanism.  Shoot for Removal, not Signing.


I think the main issue is to get red of the applets which normal users are using.

Therefore another thing would definetly be a workflow status page for vhange objects for the users without applet technology


Yes, file upload is the most commonly used Java applet in Windchill and is configured to be "on" in an OOTB configuration. Hopefullly you've all had a chance to see the videos of the new drag-n-drop file upload on the videos tab.


It would be nice if that feature could also be implemented in pdmlink 10.1 as well


The feature is almost available in 10.1 (and probably all other versions able to run with current Firefox and Chrome versions). If you switch the preference away from Java for upload to basic browser functionality you can still drag and drop documents.

What you then must do is this:

  1. Drag documents and hover the mouse over the "Choose File" button in the Local File Path field. When it lights up drop the file.
  2. If you need to add documents on the attachments step ( 2 ) in the upload wizard you first have to add one or several documents by clicking in the toolbar and then drag & drop one file at a time. Multiple document upload in one go like shown in Scotts video above is not possible.

I found this feature more or less by accident when i noticed that the "Browse ..." button in Chrome lit up when I dragged a file over it. Apparently this hidden gem is natively implemented by both Chrome and Firefox.


We are on 10.1 M030 with our production environment and switched the default setting for everyone (at site level) to basic browser recently. So far we have only gotten praise from our users on this change 🙂

That is wonderful news that the "drag and drop" function is changing.  That has been one of two major areas that Java has frustrated us.

The other major area that we use that Java cripples us is during the Change Notice.  We randomly get where we cannot finish a task.  The frustrating part is that we have all of the Affected and Resulting objects populated.  The only way to clear this is to clear Java cache and applets and close the browser.

Hopefully that will be looked at next.

Brian, just out of curiosity.

Would that be due to you having the Java applet drag and drop function enabled at the attachments step too for a Change Notice? Because then I guess disabling Java based upload would cover your scenario too.

No, I do not believe so.  The change notice task does not have the drag and drop functionality in it.  That is the part that it stops us on.

What I'm refering to is the step in the CN wizard. With the Java upload applet enabled in your Preferences > Attachments > File Upload Mechanism you have the file drop zone where i marked below. If you disable it you don't get it and you need to click the document-with-paperclip icon one or more times if you need to add attachments.

After that with recent Chrome or Firefox standalone browser you can drag and drop (as illustrated in my first post above). If you are on something else you have to browse for the file. But you are free of the wait/login and possiblilty for corrupted java caches related to the Java applet.

I think the same applies for Windchill 9.1 as far as I can remember. But of course the could be another Java applet hiding in the wizard somewhere


Could be, but I was talking about the Task which does not have the drag and drop applet.  It could just be something with Java period, but whenever we do change notices after Java cache has been cleared, we go through a series of questions so that Java can work.


Ah, got it! You are referring to the Change Task not Change Notice wizard. (And I'm just too familiar with the cache clearing pain you talk about )

Maybe someone from PTC (or elsewhere) can comment on if the Change Task relies on another Java applet?

I'm not that familiar with it yet because we are not using CN's/CT's yet. But interested since we are currently planning and kicking tires on it.


Another applet which would be important to remove is the users calendar


Nice.... This appears to work EVERYWHERE! in v10.1m040 using Windows 7 and Chrome.


I added a video to this community demonstrating the drag-n-drop technique Jorn is describing. I had no problems with it in Firefox or Chrome.


The next major release of Windchill following 10.2 will have the Java Applet method for file upload removed. In 10.2, PTC updated the basic browser preference to support HTML5 drag-n-drop support for all browsers but IE. With the next major release, full support for drag-n-drop in IE will be introduced as well as removing the File_Upload_Mechanism preference since Java Applet will be obsolete and removed.


This one should be removed by 10.2 M030. I haven't seen yet.

PTCWindchillWhatsNew M030

Calendar: User Interface Redesign

Product: PTC Windchill


The PTC Windchill calendar utility is now implemented using HTML. With this conversion comes a redesigned user interface, easier date selection, and access to the standard Find User search.


Too bad our company doesn't allow watching videos over our network.  I wish companies (not just PTC) would also provide a downloadable video file so we can see it.


Woo-Hoo!  Although it would be nice if it was also in IE.  Our company doesn't officially support Chrome.

Is Java used by Creo?  If it doesn't then I could mention to our IT dept head that we wouldn't have to stay on an older version of Java if we could all officially use Chrome.  He might buy that.


PTC did a presentation on last year Live Global where you can see when this idea will be implemented.

See below image.



Steve, It sounds like your company would be very frustrating to work for with videos and chrome not supported!   They probably don't even allow Firefox!


The Calendar looks like this in 10.2M030