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Rename document including content

Rename document including content


when renaming document it is applied on the top level of the object. Content stays untouched which is the problem. After creating new document by Copy/Paste users have to download document from WCH, rename it and replace content to get similar content name as document name. Another solution is to download document, rename it and upload as new. Both solutions are wasting of time.

Would be nice to allow rename both levels (document name and content). Then users can just easily change document content via WDI (Desktop Integration) and handle creating copy of documents much faster...





Yes, this is long overdue capability and speaks to the high level of inconsistency between and Even though Windchill defaults to naming new documents the same as the file_name OOTB, users often change the document Name in Windchill. It would be nice to have this as a preference or property to rename the primary content file any time the Name is changed. For me, I would always want the Windchill name to be the same as the file_name, but I also like to exclude the Windows special characters in Windchill. If you do not exclude them, you could potentially end up with documents that cannot be opened in Windows.

21-Topaz I

I agree.  File Name of documents is definitely needed.


Another reason is serious problem with ; (semicolon) in filename of the document. Windows allows to use ; in filename but WCH is unable to open it.

Document name in WCH can contain semicolon but when semicolon is also in filename (primary content) then you have a big problem. It cannot be opened/downloaded/resent so technically stuck in WCH and dead. Only one solution is to replace content again with proper filename (without semicolon).

Status changed to: Acknowledged

I also have a very similar requirement where I want to rename the files based on both the name and number, the same way that you can automatically name a file when it is created from a template.  Our currently users also have to update the names of any copied files manually before re-approving.


This functionality is already implemented for new files created from templates, and save-as of CAD documents provides options for either name or number, however the copy functionality seems to be left out.


Example of new filename from document template preferences:Document From Template.PNG






Example of new filename from save-as preferences but only for CAD documents:CAD Document From Save-as.PNG