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Replace Banner.txt with System Setting

Replace Banner.txt with System Setting

As an system administrator, I would like a way to set a Preference containing a rich HTML string to be displayed as a system banner for all of Windchill in one step.  This would replace the custom banner.txt way of deploying a banner manually on multiple servers in a cluster.  I will know this is complete when I have a simpler and faster way to show system information to end users. 



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While easier to implement, I wouldn't want to lose the capability that exists right now.  I don't see a simple property being able to control the placement  of the message or change the background color/image.  Some companies are doing some pretty complicated things with this banner.  Much more than just a string of text.


I like the idea and would add that this built in messaging should be in a dedicated (but collapsing when empty) area so as not to be an issue for other customizations as Tom points out.


Tom, I agree,  I wouldn't want to see PTC completely remove the ability to customize this.  I guess my suggestion is to allow teams without a deep knowledge of HTML/Javascript/CSS an easier way to get the same benefit of having a system notification "appear" in a users' session.

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I'd suggest adding a user preference so it acts similarly to the Welcome screen with the checkbox that states "Do not show this page upon startup". The ability for Administrators to reset this value for all users when a new banner is needed or to turn it off after the banner is no longer necessary would help. As a user if I saw the banner and read it, I'd like to be able to turn it off so it goes away. As an admin I'd like to be able to turn it off/on easily, I think a preference would meet this.

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PTC does need to focus on End User Communication;

Easier ways for People to know they are on Production or Development.

Or This Banner Example where you can update easily to let users know system going offline/rebooting at a specific time.

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