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Republish on a Rename

Republish on a Rename

Currently we have our PDMLink system set to publish CAD files / Documents on check-in.  There is no option to publish on a Rename only.  I propose to create the ability to republish on a Rename only without setting the system to publish out of date files.  That would overload our system since that includes any state change.

Many times our users checks a CAD file in without an assigned number.  This could be for many reasons.  Then at some point they get the assigned number and they rename the files in commonspace.  A lot of times they are not finished with the drawing so they would be checking the file out, making a change then checking it in again.

Or sometimes they have a number already assigned but have to rename it for whatever reason.  They may have already been done with the drawing and therefore won't check it back in.  The published view is not correct.

Yes, we could make sure the user knows they have two options.

1. They can manually delete the existing published view the republish manually.

2. They can make sure they check it out, make a small change and check it back in.

More work for the user.  We want to make less work, not more.  It  is more than likely the user will forget to do one of these and lead to errors and incorrect information.  We need to make sure the published view is correct without relying on the user.  We do that with Change Management and many other processes in PDMLink.


Agreed.  I do not think it is reasonable for PDMLink to require users to remember to republish.  BASIC Automation like this is the reason we are using PDMLink in the first place.  Quite frankly, this problem seems more like a bug to me (dwg was changed but it does not republish upon dwg CHANGE).  I wonder if you reported it to PTC yet...?

21-Topaz I

Sort of.  We had our consultants look into it.  Nothing for just a rename.

23-Emerald IV

Currently you can publish and/or republish on change.  Renaming is global to all versions of an object, so necessarily all of them are considered changed and will be submitted for republishing.  We have this enabled intentionally since we want republishing to occur.  Failure to do so means the representations and any additional files will no longer agree with what is displayed in Windchill.  All versions are republished when something global changes (name, number, filename), and only the affected versions are republished if something version specific changes (lifecycle state, etc.)  The only thing I don't like about this is that new objects in a workspace (uploaded but never checked in) are also caught by this filter and get published prior to check in when they are renamed.


PTC;  Please look into this "republish on a Rename only"

Depending on the size of a company it is just not practical to have to publish every out of date file.  It is also not practical to expect every user ( again, think about a large group where it is harder to manage consistent practice ) to remember to manually publish.  We want them performing CAD, and not managing PDM activities.

21-Topaz I

Good point about republishing all versions.  When we rename files in PDMLink it will only be in the development stage.  Prior to first release.  At that point there are not many total versions of the object.

That is still better than including all state changes and any other changes in the system.

22-Sapphire I

PTC, please make this configurable to publish only on Rename, not on state change.


Other considerations would be to have a preference to NOT publish when moving objects. We do a lot of moving which in our case generates many useless publish jobs. I think the whole publish.republishonepmdocumentchange property needs to be broken down into individual metadata changes:







It would also add some flexibility if there were States associated with these properties. For example only republish on a StateChange when state is Released or Obsolete or republish on a StateChange for All states.


I like the idea to have several republish cases. And maybe we need to be able to make a distinction between CADDRAWING and components/assemblies

21-Topaz I

That sounds like a good idea too.


Just as summary:









Status changed to: Acknowledged

I would also like to have all this properties to manage worker load according to usages ! 🙂


There's an article talking about this :


And a workaround :


So come on PTC, just make it out of the box feature !

21-Topaz I

@PTCModerator  Is there any chance to get the product manager respond with an update?  This was created 6 years ago and acknowledged 4 years ago.

Community Manager
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