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Reset attribute values during "save as" & revise

Reset attribute values during "save as" & revise

In a state of the art PLM system you want to keep the data quality as high as possible.

You enfore the users to fill out required attributes, to follow special formatting rules etc.

But it is common that values which got entered for a source object are not any longer valid for a copy of it.

And even for a new revision of the same object some attributes might not be valid anymore.

Windchill should support such a configuration OOTB by preference seetings which specifies

Attributes to be reset on "Save As" = IBA1, IBA2, Master IBA4, not sure about MBA3 - modeled but would be superb to support all kinds of attributes

Attributes to be reset on "Revise" = IBA1, IBA2 - in my opinion it would be sufficient to support just IBAs

Attribute Reset value on "Save As" = Default, Remove

Attribute Reset value on "Revise" = Default, Remove

Default will set the Default defined in the type manager

Remove will remove the value after revise/copy and will enforce new data entry again for required attributes



nice idea

we've got exactly this need, and today handle it by customization in a listener..

with some limitations, cause notably for attributes with a required constraint that we "remove" on save as

the enforcement is only controlled in the next checkin ....



I just voted again for this idea. Hope this is finally coming in Windchill 11!?! The user are requesting this feature since ever...

Pleas see also the similar ideas to this:

remove attribute value during revise or save as

during save as it should be possible to change additional attributes

Modify custom attributes while doing a "Save As"of an object

Perhaps there are even more ideas around.

(I would already be happy, if you just could add some attributes to the list and edit it...This would be the deluxe version)


Supporting manual attribute modification during revise & save as wizard would be another request.

Björn you are fully right, this would be very nice enhancement since the values can have impact on numbering rules as well.

It is also horrible to customize.


Hello Gregory. Which listener? Is there an Event class that manages "Save as" event?



You can listen for the save as history which throws the create event. After that you can wipe out the attributes


Hello Oliver, thanks for you suggestion but...what about EnterpriseServiceEvent.POST_COPY ?

I found it this morning and it seems exactly what I'm searching.

Anyone used it?

5-Regular Member

Hi Nicola,

Did you try using EnterpriseServiceEvent.POST_COPY?

I tried and have not had success with it.

Thanks and Regards

Midhun Mathew


Hello Midhun, why?
I'm now using it with satisfaction.

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Hi Nicola,

I had a typo issue with the code. And it works now for me as well. Thank you


Status changed to: Under Consideration

hi All


Exactly the business case we have.


@ngiacom, @mmathew:

Do you have a documentation for that EnterpriseServiceEvent.POST_COPY?

I can not find anything in the Knowledge Base.

I am grateful for any information or help


Best regards!



Hello Daniel, I don't have documentation, I'm sorry, you probably have to ask to ptc.


This is something we need to be able to do as well. We do not use the Windchill Change Process and have an attribute for ECN, which when an object is revised the new revision keeps the old attribute value.


Does anyone know the status of this idea?

Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

Thank you for the idea, the comments and votes. Your idea is interesting and we could see the benefit. However, given the team’s strategic priorities, we are unlikely to prioritize the implementation in the next development cycles. Should this change, we will bring this idea back.

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Can you provide any additional information beyond the standard 'no plans to implement' verbiage?  Is there a different/better way to accomplish this goal?  If Windchill+ doesn't support modifying the codebase, will the custom listeners people are currently using no longer function in that environment?


@SteveShaw - "No Plans to Implement" without even any advice from PTC on how to work around this is not a satisfactory answer to the concerns of the 233 customers who upvoted this before it was locked, or people like me who are still looking for a solution other than customization, which I understand is not recommended.