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Search: Implement SimpleSearch by Number

Search: Implement SimpleSearch by Number

Following on from Windchill Core Search Improvements -  "default to Number" request:

Implement a SimpleSearch, which has these behaviors:

Search by Number

Default is latest revision only (nice-to-have: add checkbox in results to easily flip between Latest & Latest Released)

I've seen custom solutions for this implemented at Ingersoll Rand and SRAM, and recall hearing of others implementing similar.

Use case is often expressed as "I know the number and I just want to find my drawing"

As many have noted, OOTB Keyword search is too broad, so click path to do this OOTB is:

1) Search

2) Advanced Search

3) Select type checkboxes to include only revisioned objects

4) Click in Number field

5) Type number

6) Click Add

7) Drag mouse to more then to revision then click

😎 Select "Latest"

9) Click on Search

It can be reduced with a saved search to:

1) Search

2) Search History and Saved Searches

3) Click on saved search

4) Click in Number field

5) Type number

6) Click on Search

SimpleSearch ideally uses the existing Search box, with some way to change the drop-down to indicate SimpleSearch and retain that setting for the user.  That reduces clicks to:

1) Click in Search box

2) Type number

3) Press enter or click glass

SRAM customer example:


Default is latest revision only

Maybe I'm misunderstanding that bit, but it sounds like this can be controlled setting the Search > Latest Version Search preference to "Yes" (default is "No").

For example:

1. Simple keyword search, default behavior:


2. Advanced search following the steps in your first example (setting the Revision criteria to Latest)


3. Set the Search > Latest Version Search preference set to "Yes" and perform simple search again:


(Results in scenarios #2 and #3 are the same, but in #3 you didn't have to manually set Revision = Latest through advanced search).

On the flip side, if you ever want to see the latest iteration of each revision (the result list in scenario #1), you'll need to perform an advanced search and set Revision = All

23-Emerald IV

Caitlin Wheeless‌, the problem with this option is that it takes time to go find and set.  Having to constantly turn it on and off is not practical.  For 90% of what we do we can leave it set to latest, but having to turn it off just to be able to get to the rest of the versions is annoying.  It would be much nicer if this was a toggle right on the search page.  Yes, I do realize that it is possible to set up a saved search and use this, but most people (at least here) don't use them.


The referenced Ingersoll Rand Simple Search is shown below as another example.  It is intentionally very simple and featureless.  It is intended for people who just need to see drawings, such as technicians on the factory floor.  When the Get Document button is clicked, the content (e.g., PDF) is displayed immediately if there is only one result.  There is no need to show search results, first, if there is only one PDF related to the entered number.


Boston Scientific is implementing a customization to search by number to get to the latest effective version of a document.  One use case for this if for production lines not yet on MES.  This ensure the shop floor gets the right version of a document rather than the latest in the case it is going through a change or has already been released but not yet reach it's effective date.

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