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Security Label Edit View/Functionality

Security Label Edit View/Functionality

When editing Security Labels on an object the user would like to see only those Security Labels that were available when creating the object. The business does not want the user to have to create unique views to do this.


We understand that it is not possible to configure a change to allow this either due to the nature of the process that sets these values in the Security Labels editor. Given that it is not possible for us to do anything besides creating a custom view which is unworkable because it would have to be changed for each object type, the only possible solution we see is for PTC to change the Security Labels editor itself.


It is vital to our customer to see only the same set of values that are presented during object creation when they perform an edit.

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Thank you for the submission of this idea.  Currently the capability that you described is not on our product roadmap.  It would be interesting to understand a little bit more about how you are using security labels today within your environment, how they are being initially set during object creation, who is authorized to change/update the label values later on in the objects life cycle. 


Most of the customers that I have worked with will use OIRs to set the initial security labels during the creation process, so as not to burden/rely on the end user to set their initial values given the object and its context.    Further downstream, post-creation, they will limit the users that are authorized to Edit Security Labels (access permissions can control this in later releases of Windchill) to a subset of users for security purposes. 


Steve, If I may chime in. 


We don't have quite the same situation, but based on who is editing, the state of the object, and what the object is there can be several functional objectives. 


For some users we would desire that they can see maybe 3 of the 5 labels, and perhaps edit only 2 of those 3.  What they can edit could change based on the objects state, maybe the workflow that is running. If you remember from a presentation I did a while back, we have a "workflow" controlled security label, which only administrators should see/edit (on the very rare off chance our code actually fails Smiley Happy ).


Not that you want a solution, but hooks into a prevalidator with access to at least the user and the object, and capability of enabling, disabling, and hiding the security label would be nice. Perhaps the ability to hide/disable some of the labels options (e.g. once a specific label has been set, it can't be switched back to it's default of "not reviewed").


Thanks for listening.

Community Manager
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