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Service Information Manager: Information Structure Handling Enhancements

Service Information Manager: Information Structure Handling Enhancements


Adding those tiny little features to the Information Structure handling would make life much more easier.     

  • Support of Drag and Drop
  • Folder Explorer, so that we can easily insert modules more easily from a folder-view
  • Modal search dialog, so that this remains open, once elements are added to the IS
  • Insert existing element-dialog should have more search options, like context, etc. by default.
  • Move up/down, promote/demote buttons/functions like in the Publication Structure (so in the PS, this is already there, so please add it to the IS as well)
  • The contentholders (same for publication structure) should show a preview of the XML or the image inside, when hovering over. This would make navigation more easy.
  • The feature "Generate Publication Structure" should consider other sort orders than the ascending alphabetical order only.

Your WindchillTeam@DATACOPY


1- Drag and Drop is supported.

2- Folder explorer is long term enhancement we would consider

3- Modal Search dialog- this is a short term enhancement we'd like to implement

4- More Search options- This is long term enhancement

5- Promote/demote- can use line numbering to reorder the IS. Reordering is on our short term roadmap

6- Preview- should be working, might want to open TS case to see what is missing in order to use his feature


Hi Pushpinder Toor,

Could you please provide more details about the "Drag & Drop" operation in Information Structure? I tried to drag & drop Information Group or Information Element in the Structure tab, but it never works.

I tried it in 10.2 M030 and 11.0 M010, neither version works.

Best Regards,


5-Regular Member

Hi Brent,

Drag & Drop was added in Windchill 11.0. It works for structures that are sorted by Line Number. If you do not see the line number in your IS, you add it from the "Manage Structure Views" action under the "Views" toolbar.

If a user wishes to re-order the structure by another attribute, they are allowed to do so, but drag and drop will be disabled until they re-sort by line number. The key difference is Drag and Drop is a permanent update that impacts all users while sorting by a columns such as name\number is specific to a user.

Note: If you did want to re-sort the view by a specific column and permanently update the line numbers to reflect that order, you can do that from the "Store Ordered Structure" action under the "Display" toolbar.


Hi Rank,

Thank you very much for your reply!

Finally I found the resolution: Refer to Optionally Enabled Features to set "Release.optIn=true" and restart Windchill. Then it could drag&drop the Information Element in the Information Structure.



Status changed to: Archived