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Simplify and enhance Windchill Package functionality

Simplify and enhance Windchill Package functionality

Windchill Packages are great, but they could be easier to work with.  When we create a package, we have to seed it with objects.  Then we have to configure the collector.  Then we have to apply a filter. 


All of these are on different screens and there is no way to save a "recipe" to use on the next package.  We can set collector defaults, but we need different collector settings for mechanical vs software vs electrical.  We need different filters for different recipients ( supplier vs customer ).   


There should be a single screen that lets us configure all of the settings in one place, and save the configuration as a template to use again.


Once a package is locked and a delivery is created, there is no way to see the "recipe" that was used to create it.  


We need clarification on how packages are actually pulled together.  For example we might seed a package with a Part 123 Rev A and Document 123 Rev B.  The Part is Described By Document 123 Rev A.  


If the collector is set to pull Documents for Parts.  Which Rev or Document 123 will be in the package?

What if we apply an effectivity date filter and Part 123 Rev B is effective?  Will it keep the seeded Part or replace it to meet the spec of the filter?  What if Document 123 Rev was effective on the same date?


We should be able to guide the process with a series of check boxes.

Seeded overrides collected.

Filter Rules override relationships.



I fully agree on the UI for creating the package and the saving of a package "recipe".


Regarding the UIs, we especially can have errors when editing the filters: the UI shows the config filter UI over the "Set Collection Rules" UIT, however both have an OK button which is visible to the user and it is quite easy to click the wrong one. In that case the user thinks his filter(s) have been saved but that is NOT the case.


Regarding the save of package parameters.One workaround (used at my customer) is to create read-only packages containing a dummy object as templates, but here one has to make sure to first add his initially selected objects before removing the dummy object.

For seeing the settings set on a package once it is locked, one workaround would be to create a new revision and check these there.

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