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Table View: View All must means view All

Table View: View All must means view All

We have a couple of problems with the end users the complaint that they can not find the Change Objects on the Folders.

The reason is Folder Content View. By default, it always come selected as "All", but "All" doesn't show "Change Objects" and explain for the end user that for show Change Objects, they need to change from "All" view to "Change Objects", no make sense, due "All" must means "All".

Today we are working with almost 2.000 users and we have plan to engage 10.000 users.

23-Emerald III

You could always just change the view yourself (as site admin).

If you still think this should be the default, then don't forget to vote on your idea.


I do agree that View all should show all rows for out of the box types available in Windchill for each table.  However, I would argue against showing all columns in the "all" view.  In addition to Tom's good workaround above, it is also possible to rename the label.

21-Topaz I

To me...All means everything.  Call it something besides All.  Very misleading in my opinion.


In my point of view, the support cost will increase with this approach. Nowadays we have almost 400 objects, and for each time that a new softype is created, it will be necessary to keep this view updated. 


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